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  1. Hi All, Need some help! My StreetKA is squeaking (definitely the fan belt). I've been looking around to find the best price fan belt. I have found a couple of belts at reasonable prices but for some reason they state that they fit StreetKA's between 12/2002 - 12/2005. Firstly, I wasn't aware they were made in 2002. Secondly mine is a 2006 model. Can't find any for 2006 models. Is there a difference between a 2005 model engine and 2006 model? I know some StreetKA's didn't have air con, but the belts state suitable for StreetKA's 1.6 12/2002-12/2005 with Air Con and P/Steering. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! :)
  2. I have the exact same problem, although I seem to only get the knock when I go over a bump and turn right at the samesame time..... I've changed so much yet it remains a mystery, its like no one knows, but surely someone has solved it???
  3. I want to buy a hard top..... EBay seems to have nothing, not even nationwide Anywhere else where people sell them?
  4. I would like to do something to my StreetKA to make it mine! So far I have only done one thing.... I bought some diamantes and stuck them individually to my Ford badge to say Jess instead of Ford with a light pink background My boyfriend is also fitting lights in the foot wells which will come on when I open the doors (as I find the one light to be too dim) I'd like to do more things like this. Anyone got any ideas??? Thanks :) :D
  5. Overheating Streetka?

    This was the exact same problem as mine! We changed the thermostat and also the thermostat housing and the problem was solved! Get the thermostat and housing off eBay it was much cheaper than the dealer and good quality
  6. Clunk/bang Around The Front Right Wheel?

    The wishbone was the first thing we changed, I will have a try with that on the weekend. Is it OK to be driving the car? (I don't drive stupid) Also latestarter, if it's a StreetKa you have, the fiesta anti-roll bar bush doesn't fit, I made the mistake of buying it but it was wrong, you will need to know the size of your anti-roll bar, there are a few options.... 13mm, 15mm, 17mm.... Some parts shops don't supply the 17mm in the end I had to get it from a dealer, which was a fair price, £8 odd each Thanks
  7. Clunk/bang Around The Front Right Wheel?

    The anti-roll bar bushes were both changed which upon inspection were worn and needed replacing, the car feels much better on the road but this has not solved the clunk... Have you got any other suggestions? My boyfriend seems to think replacing the top mount may solve it... Thanks
  8. Annoying squeak... I have a 2006 StreetKa When I'm driving along I hear this squeak like a mouse coming from the front of the car, the weird thing is it does it when the car is not running, if I shut the door I can hear it from under the bonnet. Me and my boyfriend have tried to identify it by shutting the door with the bonnet open. He has put it down to a loose clip on something but its soooo annoying. Anyone have an idea??? Thanks.
  9. I have a 2006 StreetKa It developed a banging noise only when I turn right and go over a bump at the same time. The wishbones and drop links looked due a change, so this was our first thought. Once changed the bang was quieter but still there. Obviously, still a problem, we had a look to see if there is anything noticeably worn, but cant find anything. Anyone have any ideas, I love the car so fixing it is the only option!! Thanks... In advance! :)