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  1. Hi graham the FCID screen is the small one above the radio under the rear view mirror which shows the time/temp etc. Not excatly sure where the module is that they say they replaced. (if they replaced it at all - they may have just found a loose wiring harness somewhere else) The wiring loom for all of this may be in the passenger or drivers footwell for all iKnow. Sorry but can't be any more use for this one. Darren
  2. joy at last :) picked up car today and all fixed (no charge either.) Even got a big phonecall appology from Dagenham motors about not keeping me informed of thier progress over the past few days. The report says they replaced the FCDIM (Front control/display interface module) which has cured the radio, bluetooth, voice control and rear parking sensors. Strange thing is that I have still have all of my pre-programmed tel numbers and bluetooth connected phones come up when I start up so I guess all of these items and stored elsewhere on some other memory in the dash or radio system. At least it works though and that is the main thing so I guess this is a happy ending Darren
  3. hi jeebowhite I refused to pay the £350 and demanded they returned my vehicle unfixed as they had had it for 4 days and I needed my car for the weekend. They couldn't even diagnose the fault and said that the pc had turned up 31 faults which all would need exploring? It was after this that I emailed their head office customer relationship centre who arranged with the dealership to book it in for a free of charge repair. :) Bet that went down well with them! I sent another email to their customer services last night to say that I wouldn't be contacting the dealership for an update any more and that I would let the customer services chase them up on my behalf and get back to me with an update. Customer services rang me at 3pm today to say they had chatted with the dealership and they were very sorry that no-one had rung me back yesterday and were even more sorry to say that the needed to keep the car again tonight to repair it tomorrow. Customer services also told me that she had asked the dealership to give me a call to confirm that everything ws going to be fixed tomorrow and to appologize for everything. Guess what? They didn't bother to ring me :) Another email going off to customer services tonight to keep them updated with their dealerships incredibly poor service. Just jope that the car is fixed tomorrow and that I will never have to set foot on their forecourt again. Will post an update tomorrow night to keep you all informed of the progress hopefully Graham this will help you out with getting your diagnosed too. Darren
  4. Hi Newbie I had to send a serious compaint to Fords Customer Relationship Centre about the entire episode I have had with fords trying to fix this problem. (Fords had my vehicle for 4 days amd said they had spent over 9 hours looking at it but then wanted to charge me £350 for a further 3 hours worth of investigations with no guarantee that they would find the fault). In the end I did recieve a nice email back from Ford Customer Relationship Centre asking me to book it back into my local Ford dealership would would repair the fault free of charge. They have now had my car for 2 days and today I didn't get a call to let me know they had solved the problem or even to give me an update on how they were getting on with it. Needless to say they will be getting another email from me to complain about their total lack of customer service. I will let you know if they ever manage to diagnose the problem and what they found it to be. keep in touch
  5. good evening. I have a 2011 Grand C Max titanium X with the sony dab unit installed. While driving on Saturday the radio totally stopped as if my daughter had switched it off and the small display screen on the console above the radio went totally black. The On/off button failed to bring it back to life. I also noticed shortly after that my voice control paddle on the right of the steering wheel was no longer requesting an input when pulled and then I noticed that the rear parking sensors were also not working when trying to park. Obviously this all sounded like a fuse had gone so checking the handbook it says fuse 79 (voice control/radio/navigation/dvd/cd/door lockbutton) was the correct one. Checked this and it was fine but replaced it anyway just in case. Then tried the fuse 67 (information and entertainment display) and 69 ( Instrument cluster) but these were both fine too. I then proceeded to check all fuses to the car ie engine compartment, boot compartment and passenger footwell panel and couldn't find anything blown. Any clues out there?