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  1. severe electrical problem

    update - 2 weeks later and still off road waiting for ECU from Germany. Efficient eh!
  2. 2007 Ford Mondeo user manual !!!

    It would be more helpful if you told me how to!
  3. severe electrical problem

    oooh sorry guys ...........
  4. severe electrical problem

    It's been diagnosed today - main ECU to be replaced once it arrives from Dagenham! Main reason for my post - I've only had this thing 6 weeks and wouldn't expect such a major failure on a vehicle with 12,000 on clock, wondered if this is common.
  5. 2007 Ford Mondeo user manual !!!

    Hi, I have a pdf of 2008 Mondeo owners handbook. I downloaded it a couple of months ago but cant remember where from - sorry! I must have done an online search.
  6. My 57 Titanium X 1.8TDCI had to be towed to garage last night cos immobiliser activated. I stopped because the ABS, EPS and handbrake warning lights came on and speedo and fell to zero whilst in motion. Three weeks ago Ford garage investigated intermittant constant illumination of ESP warning light but concluded nothing was/is wrong despite ordering but then not fitting a new sensor (computer said it had fixed itself, yeah right!) Green Flag initaially thought duff battery in remote but even spare wouldn't work. Anyone suffered similar? PS, I don't think A/C is working either!