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  1. A tiny update. I tried the multi connector door to car and the pins are spotless no corrosion. I seldom drive this car but today the drivers door OPEN light was on constantly. The car was difficult to lock Locking but Opening on same cycle. Closed the door quite hard and problems both went away, light out inside and locked from outside. This may well be the lock itself. Looks difficult to change by some of the videos I have watched.
  2. I have exactly this problem with wifes 2008 mk6. 64k on clock from new. Intermittent problem Locks but unlocks all doors. Latest is message saying drivers door is open, again intermittent. I tried giving the main harness to drivers door a wriggle and I thought this cured it for a while but this may have been a coincidence. Anyone have a fix for this. thanks.
  3. And finally paid Sygic £9.49 for lifetime membership and map updates for europe. I find their maps are very up to date even here in Mid/ West Wales which is good considering some roads are quite remote and of course the ultra new bypass. Thanks all until the next time bye.
  4. Ta all for replies I am wiser. iantt typical we always pay. fgservo. looked into your post and would seem around £25 on the bay which is fair enough ta for that. I am trying Sygic on the Mobile at this minute. Free Premium for 7 days. My town SY16, has new bypass opened 2 weeks ago this is on their maps with speed limits and very clear. Have not looked into price yet and the mob is not very handy when driving unless there is a bracket or maybe make one. Jury still out there. 90% of my driving no need for Nav but when there are road closures it is very handy for alternative routes. Edit. looking on youtube it may be possible to update Sync to newer version have not read this yet maybe later this evening. ta.
  5. Having read a bit more (wife still not ready) Maps may well be updated with the Sync update. see below if link is allowed mods.
  6. iantt, I have a feeling you are correct I have downloaded, from Ford, a file and unzipped it to Usb stick fat 32. This then into car Usb /Menu/ Sync Settings/install on Sync/ Engine should be running. The whole update (not sure exactly was updated) takes 20 mins. It will reboot and you will get a female voice but the main thing is Wait Wait Wait. It would appear it has frozen or stopped working but being a patient soul (hospital visitor) I waited and almost 20 mins later it said Completed and went back to Radio 1. My neighbour has Astra auto update on Maps. My Android phone has excellent Google maps on board so no £90 to Ford or TomTom. Tight ***** though. ( I and herself are going up Welsh coast today I will run Phone Maps and Ford Nav to see who does the Speed limits Best. I may fashion up a holder to go in front of Ford Nav ) thanks All
  7. Thanks for replies. Not sure of what version sync I have but will have a fiddle tomorrow. The car is almost 2 years old so I would think it would be the latest. I had a look earlier on the ford site and if you put your vin in it will say whether or not it is up to date done by USB. visitors today so more tomorrow.
  8. My Ford Sat Nav is quite poor at knowing the Speed Limits often a says 60 when it is really 50 or 40 and it changes from 40 to 30 often in the wrong place. So it must be out of date. My Town has last week got a new bypass I don't expect this to be available or really need it but some of the other faults put right would be nice. My car is a March 17 registered Ford ST. Diesel 1.5. Serviced wed 20th Feb. Tremont Road Garage. all good. How do I update maps please and do I have to pay. How often thanks.
  9. Yes may well be broken wire. I should have said it locks then unlocks immediately. Once I get it to lock it stays locked then it may be ok for a few times then the problem reoccurs. I have not had a chance to look at it yet but I would have to cut the rubber boot off by the look of things.
  10. Sometimes they lock. I read a search on here and a chap changed his door loom and it was still the same. The last time it would not lock I wiggled the drivers rubber boot and it locked. Earlier i closed the door a couple of times and this worked. 10 years this door would have had a lot of use. The rubber boot looks like new could it be a short somewhere. Any ideas ta
  11. Had mine changed 08 mk 6 fiesta 60k a couple of weeks ago at Tremont Road. Water pump, idler. tensioner all new, not genuine ford. £470 parts labour. The old belt looked like new but looks can be deceiving. Excellent car from 1 year old.
  12. I do like the Impact side of the Named colour. As you can see from my avatar I have this colour and it is a great colour. Next colour Head on Blue, Broke down Blue, No Handbrake blue, Close shave blue. oops blue.
  13. I do not wish to become a spammer but this sort of information is very helpful. I have filed the links for future reference. good of you all to take the time.
  14. Sounds good Ryan_Tango. A family member has a Focus estate 2017 6 speed 1.5 tdci and he says it is very good at 90 bhp. Do you think it is the same engine but tuned up a bit. If I was living in the Midlands there would probably be 1 or 2 tuner chaps around and I would be very interested. Here in Mid Wales they are hard to spot. Come on Liverpool
  15. My fiesta 1.5 tdci 2064 has 74 bhp . The focus 1.5 tdci has 90 bhp or around there. Questions are , can I upgrade my 74 bhp to get a bit more output. Any ford mechanics out there or tuners.