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  1. Ford Fiesta Suspension noise

    I use silicone spray from Halfords seems help also stops doors freezing shut.
  2. Smoking

    My 2014, 40k 1.5 tdci is smoking badly. Dip the throttle quickly clouds of black smoke. Oil is changed regularly, injector cleaner added, changed from Morrisons to BP diesel. Taken for long ride in low gear to heat up particulate filter. It just about scraped through last MOT. Goes well fuel economy aroung 60mpg Is there a common fault with this engine any advice will be welcome.
  3. Stolen or Fell off?

    I had buy a Ariel after Manchester Jet Parks. So good luck.
  4. Emissions very high

    Just got the posts been away. All the inputs are very helpful indeed. I may be jumping to 'involuntary euthanasia' ( for the car) when the problem is fixable. EGR off for a look is very likely. This would decide if it was stuck or faulty, gunged up. iantt. (was going to go to Malvern Theater, Cabaret, (2) sold out. bums ) The turbo is not noisy and seems free with no play in the shaft. So I may be totally wrong there to blame turbo as you said above Tdci-Peter. I do not like the EGR cycle at all. I feel sure the car would go better without it. Also reading MPPS v16 stuff which seems to be riveting, possibly in the future. If the program will talk to my ECU. ( not on the model list yet) but may be something there one day.
  5. Emissions very high

    I have disconnected the MAF sensor, Tdci-Peter, and went for a 4 mile run and revved up the engine...still the same quite a bit of black smoke when revving up. Not noticeable at other times like tickover. Filter is clean. A good way to eliminate one sensor. I will look at Hoses, TomsFocus, these are in a easy position to look at. I may take them off to look for problems. Stuck EGR ? no lights on dash and no ford warnings at QuikFit yesterday. I have had a look at where EGR is and probably with a bit/ lot of swearing I could get it off. The pipe from the EGR to Manifold is soooo tempting to blank, easy to get to but then lights would come on and maybe limp mode. EGR is supposed to reduce NOx emissions but does, it seems create soot. Update. Having removed the turb to throttle block, pipe. Rubber 2" bore or so. see photos earlier, it was noticeably black, sticky a bit of a mess inside with traces of dirty oil. Could it be the Turbo on the way out?
  6. Emissions very high

    I like the idea of looking hard at the MAF. This does seem to be in control of the air to fuel ratio somewhere along the way. Could this be the Culprit. Seems to only smoke after tick-over but I could be wrong. Initially when the MOT tester revved up the eng there was a cloud of black smoke this is still there. i will disconnect the MAF later on today. It seems that whatever the fault is it is definitely there all the time not intermittent so should be easy in theory to fix.....but the modern engine is a bit complicated electronics wise. Reading last night about faulty / dirty sensors quite a bit of info there. So I would not be worried about removal and spray clean refit. At the end of the day my eng would appear to be maybe, overfueling on tick over (it has good mpg), or Lack of Oxygen so not burning all the fuel in the chamber. If there was major injector failure my MPG would not be 64 + and possibly rough sounding. My car 'sounds' excellent. Thinking out loud. One of the problems I have is that I am not at all sure what some of the sensors are doing or even where they are BUT I am learning. Thanks for last post Tdci-Peter very interesting and to others for their input all taken onboard.
  7. Emissions very high

    As you say iantt it should not be blocked. It may have a problem somewhere ..I would love to bypass / blank off, the thing completely and remap to take out the almost certain dashboard lights. The car goes well so no obvious signs. A bit of annoyance.
  8. Emissions very high

    Confusing indeed. When I looked up the Engine on Ebay, just to see where things like EGR were on the engine I had to put in mk9 to get the correct engine type. see photo 5 showing electronic throttle and air to manifold also the massive EGR with intercooler. This is my engine exactly. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2013-FORD-FIESTA-MK8-MK9-1-5-TDCI-UGJC-ENGINE-42K-CAN-ARRANGE-DELIVERY-752-/172877188730?hash=item2840488e7a:g:BhwAAOSwAPBZw7TB
  9. Emissions very high

    Update. After emptying Morrisons diesel, half filling with BP, putting in some Redex diesel cleaner. I ran the car until all the Redex mix had gone through, 34 miles to empty. Then Filled up with fresh BP did 30miles and took it back to the young fitter who had spotted the problem a couple of weeks ago. The problem is still there black smoke after a few seconds tick over. So is is nothing to do with the make of fuel. as Tdci-Peter said earlier it is not the make of fuel. I may have misled you all as my car engine is a ..MK9 version 1.5 tdci. I put MK7 above. The car is doing 64mpg so not overfueling. I just wonder if it is not burning all the fuel properly. Faulty EGR or something. The fitter ran a computer across the OBD and nothing shows up he did not charge and others there were interested Kwik-fit Oswestry tidy lot.
  10. EGR blanking

    This subject seems to be a bit difficult as the technology is not overly well known. It would appear the best way is to REmap. Increasing the parts Air and lessening the parts EGR gas. by volume. This in turn will improve combustion heat reducing soot but increasing other gasses like NOx . Weather this will turn out ok remains to be seen. But I will keep a safe copy of original map in case of difficulty. Mourning today due to Citys lucky 5 nil win over Liverpool.
  11. EGR blanking

    Failed MOT, tank additive, re-took Mot Just passed. Will change driving habits have bought baseball hat. I thought blanking EGR would be the way to go as my wifes car is very good engine wise.
  12. EGR blanking

    I fitted a EGR blanking plate on my fiesta 2008 1.6 tdci a few years ago and it goes well. Been all over southern ireland never missed a beat. (beer's a bit pricey there but A great place.) I also have a 2014 1.5 tdci fiesta. Hmm. This is running a bit dirty on emissions. Is there any way to cut out the EGR using a Plate or bypass the whole crap idea. Comments welcome.
  13. Emissions very high

    I have the ELM adaptor as I had a eng management light coming some time ago although I had changed the oil and filter. Found out how to reset this and take light off, could have saved £3 quid on this one . but this will always be handy. I will look into the modified ELM.327 Forscan looks very interesting and I will do this straight away. I find things like this a challenge and after I sort it will probably keep the car not a bad ol thing. I do learn a lot from this site, so your replies are real value and it is onward going. i will also keep my young MOT man informed if any one thing fixes the problem he also likes to learn. I won't be able to do anything to the car until next week due to family things in southern Ireland. But whatever happens I will keep you posted. I will of course read any further info. thanks.
  14. Emissions very high

    Interesting debate. Thanks. I have read the replies and considered these. The easiest one is try another supplier eg BP put some cleaner in. The MOT tester has asked me to do this and return in a few weeks (full tank at the mo) as he would like to know if this has made a difference. He mentioned EGR. If there is little change then other things will have to be looked at. Get rid is high on the list. As a retired fitter taking bits off and cleaning etc is not too difficult. The modern car is full of sensors, now that is not easy to sort although I use a laptop and understand remapping, so trying to keep in touch. I will try giving it a good thrashing up the motorway in 4th for a hour or so just to see if this helps. The bit that is really interesting is ..What 'one' thing could be wrong. I live quite far from motorways 25 miles or so but there are cars just like mine doing similar driving. Fuel not sure about that one I favour a sensor or EGR sticky ? Particulate filter? Before I exchange this car I will have to sort it as it will always nag me. My other car is a 1.6 tdci fiesta old shape, 2008 goes like a bomb sails through MOT passes lots of cars on hills. Runs totally on ...Morrison's diesel. I put a EGR blanking plate on this years ago. No smoke, a proper car, no motorway driving at all. I may polish it later.
  15. Emissions very high

    Took my just turned 3, mk7 1.5 tdci fiesta car in for first MOT 38k regularly serviced. I will sail through with new tyres. Wrong. The fitter said 'Emissions failure' I was flabbergasted. He suggested a bottle of additive then go for a ride using lower gears to warm things up and get the additive working. I called again a few hours later having done as he said and reved it up in lower gears as asked. (one v due to looking like a w) Again it failed, he tested again and it just about passed. I thought he was perhaps a bit tetchy but when he reved up the car there was black smoke. So he was just doing his job. So I just about got a MOT. Morrison's diesel, not a high revving chap but I do long runs always on 60 or a bit more. 70 ish on motorways. Regular oil and filter changes 12k instead of 20k. He suggested changing to BP and as I had just filled up, waiting until empty ish, then BP with Redex additive. Any further comments welcome.