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  1. I Had Best Introduce Myself.

    this the right model? Google threw up a fair variety of results
  2. I Had Best Introduce Myself.

    Depends, sometimes you get the sketch right and then its just a simple 20 minute job to block in colours. Though some more complex ones, or ones where I can't get the perspective right, have taken me hours to complete.
  3. I Had Best Introduce Myself.

  4. Alloy Color Suggestions

    Yeah, a subtle grey would look good. If it was my choice I would probably go for a Dune grey.
  5. Pet Peeves

    white van drivers clueless individuals who happen to be in white vans most of the time. I'd like to know if its possible for them to get any closer to your rear bumper!
  6. Fiesta Body Kit

    Theoretically, so long as it fits then I can't imagine you would have to. The body kit you had in mind is purely for aesthetics, right?
  7. Alloy Color Suggestions

    Colour depends on how much you want it to stand out, what did you have in mind?
  8. I Had Best Introduce Myself.

    Eighteen, coming up to nineteen this september. And thanks, it was a quick scribble of my fiesta. Was done freehand, started with a big red blob then add shading and such where necessary, not entirely happy with the back end myself. :P
  9. Hey there, My names Joe, I drive a red 2002 ford fiesta zetec. I haven't had much experience driving as I'm quite young but I am a petrol head.
  10. Mk6 fiesta zetec

    Just pictures of my car
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums captain lemons :)

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