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  1. D13HPD ST-2

    I have heard similar things and was told to it as soon as I bought the car by some ford specialists. I know what you mean KMS do it for 2.8k which isn't too bad for both parts and labour but I do get where you are coming from! You make some good points but nothing makes my backside twitch like it so I keep thinking about forged before anything else "/
  2. D13HPD ST-2

    Not too bad really in regards to the diff then. Still a 1.2k mod then "/ humming and arring at the moment as I want to get mine forged. I think leaving it is a little bit risky in my personal opinion. A woman I know popped a cylinder and it took the head with it. I'd honestly look at what price it is going to cost to get it done against what potential damage it could cause, worst case.
  3. D13HPD ST-2

    You forged yet? I'm looking at forging before I even map mine for more piece of mind How much you looking at to fit the diff?
  4. The TronFez build thread

    I'll introduce you around ;)
  5. The TronFez build thread

    Looks good!! I'll be at the next one :)
  6. D13HPD ST-2

    Liking the look so far! The steering wheel from SS? If so which store did you buy from and what negative things you heard about stratified??
  7. Completely different bumper :(
  8. MK3 PB PFL ST3 Shadow Trooper

    Sure do. All about getting the basics right!! I got my washer jets through them too. Got some of old cars bits through them :)
  9. MK3 PB PFL ST3 Shadow Trooper

    Company called paintmodz :) really good quality company and attend most shows. They also have eBay ;)
  10. MK3 PB PFL ST3 Shadow Trooper

    Quick update! The RS Brakes were fitted last weekend by @@Tezza For the purpose of people humming and arring about doing this, I thought I would include some pictures :) To start, here is a picture of the old brakes and how they fill the standard ST Wheels Pretty sure 99% of you know what it looks like when the wheel is off but for the sake of comparison Once its all stripped back it is time to fit the RS Splash Shields. Take note on the photo that the knuckle is different and an extra hole needs to be made to seat them :) Then you can actually get to the fun part and install your new parts :) Left is the old standard Ford Disc and Right the Brembo Disc After I got over the difference and pulled myself together the callipers were fitted :) for the standard wheels to clear the callipers it is recommended that you buy a 5mm Spacer. I ordered these but ended up getting 10mm ones delivered and even these don't leave much clearance. I've got quite big hands and can't get half my finger in-between the calliper and wheel. Finally here is a picture of them in the wheel :) C&C Welcome :)
  11. D13HPD ST-2

    Four pots on the rear will be a waste of time to be honest. The RS has the same pads and discs as what you have on already. Even with that in mind i don't know whether there are any 4pot brakes you can buy for the rear. I know one of the very few upgrades you can do for the rear is to upgrade to the Mazda 6 breaks. For the front I've just put the the 4pot RS Brembo Callipers and they are pretty awesome. They fill the wheel lovely and are good up to at least 400bhp. Partnered with some track ready discs and pads and you'll be sorted and in the process saving about a grand. Like the sound of the mods. Similar to mine but I'm not doing any real performance ones at the moment. All about mastering getting the power down on what's there. Nothing worse than wasting good power on a wheel spin! :)
  12. MK3 PB PFL ST3 Shadow Trooper

    Cheers pal.. doesnt look like that ATM :(
  13. MK3 PB PFL ST3 Shadow Trooper

    So a little bit of an update but all of the modifications I've got for the car now aren't cheap so progress will be slow and steady. As you all know, I had it lowered and as a result I had to get the tracking done. Attached is a picture but was only a point of a degree out so hardly worth doing to be honest. Following on from the tracking episode I took it on a 500mile English Holiday to Poole. It performed so well but loved them V-Power Stop Offs!!! I didn't take any pictures whilst on my adventures unfortunately. When I got back I treated the car to a quick lick over and then it was off again to Fiesta in The Park! I attended with The Ford Bible this year and had some pictures done by Ben who works with them. Whilst there, there was cheeky purchase of a glossed rear wiper! Had one of my Mk2 and really thought they set the back off! So here's the real update I will get these bad boys fitted!! Most will have identified these already but I am having the RS BREMBO Brakes fitted to ensure when I start to put the power through I can stop! To ensure the brakes fit with my existing wheels I had to buy some 5mm spacers. I ordered these from DEMON TWEEKS and will have to say I'm a little disappointed because they sent me 10mm. I wanted 5mm because I wanted to try and get away with not spacing the back. These are the ones I went for in the end for the record :) Over the coming weeks there will be another deep clean because it is filthy plus there are a couple of swirls making a return already! I thought Black was a good move because of how anal I am but this is testing me! C&C Welcome
  14. That splitter is for the Mk3 PFL ;) Wrong information completely there!