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  1. New Mot And Abs Issue

    Thanks...Iv had no light since the garage fitted the new discs and pads. Maybe one of my sensors had a dirty connection. Really not sure ..except its fixed. Time will ofcourse tell if it stays off. I had no advisories concerning the abs light at the test.
  2. Hi Guys, just got the next 12 months on my Mondeo tdci back from the garage following the MOT. She failed on brake wear...no other advisories so not bad for a car with 141,000 miles. I had blanked the egr valve off a few months ago so was interested in the emmission issue. No issue there. Prior to the MOT I had an intermittent ABS light popping on. I don't know if I still have it as often it stayed off for weeks then pops on and goes away. I just wondered if worn brakes (discs and pads were changed) would cause an intermittent abs light issue. Only time will tell but any views?
  3. Hi guys. just found out why my Mondeo tdci 130 2004 front fog light isnt working... duh no bulb! The joy of second hand motoring. I have obtained two H11 bulbs. I had a brief hands and knees type look the other day which was when I discovered the bulb was missing. I can see the wiring plug hanging there and I can see the back of the light fitting. Do I need to remove the whole unit to fit the bulb or does it just push and rotate into place? As I say I only had a quick look. It has the rectangle type fog lights. thanks
  4. Economy

    Hi Mondeo fans! Just got another 250 miles out of £25 in my 2.0 tdci.... Seems good to me... Thats on a daily commute to work half hour each way. Good or bad? :)
  5. Mileage

    Hi guys and girls, I was just wondering what the highest mileage we have on cars on this forum. My 2004 tdci has 140000 and on other forums that is actually not high in comparison. Mileages of 250000 being recorded and ofcourse there is a taxi driver somewhere who has turned the million miles and still going. Just wondered then what cars have the highest.
  6. Obd Reader

    Hi guys. I have an intermittent abs light on my mk3 mondeo tdci. I have decided to purchase an OBD reader so that I can establish the fault and fix it. Can anyone tell me the best value for money OBD reader (one that is not difficult to decipher and not too expenisve). Thanks
  7. Hi fellow mondy lovers. I am going to fit a replacement rear boot/hatch lid to my mk3 mondeo due to a dent which was there when I purchased the car. I have worked out how to remove it (4 10 mm bolts and remove the struts). I have also worked out the route for the washer pipe. What concerns me is the wiring into the car. Does anyone know if there is a plug for the wiring loom anywhere in the roof that simply unplugs or do I have to cut and rejoin the wires that supply the rear wash wipe, number plate lights and the boot lock. We are also refitting the old hatch to the donor car and it needs to lock afterwards (on the donor car). Anyone fitted a replacement boot hatch before? Cheers eveeryone
  8. Hi guys, when I purchased my mk3 tdci it had a dent in the rear hatch lid. I have finally sourced a replacement from a similar aged car in excactly the same colour. My question is how do I replace the hatch back. The one I am getting has the full glass, wiper, lock.....everything and will be a direct swap. In fact the we plan on refitting my old one back on the donor car at the same time. Can I remove the whole hinge from the car? can anyone give any advice. There will be 3 of us so lifting will not be an issue. What about the electrics and the washer pipe? thanks :)
  9. Brilliant thanks...I think its cool actually. As long as its ok then Im ok with it. I recently changed all the interior courtesy type lights to LED. Cost £2.00 ! Completely different feel to the car! :)
  10. Hi Guys. I have installed Blue LED lights in the standard fit sockets on my 2004 mk3 mondeo....looks great as they are single point and have the puddle light effect. However I noticed this morning that when everything is turned off they stay on albeit at a very very reduced light (almost cant see them but they are on). Anyone else have this? I am not sure if residual current in the circuit is keeping them on ....maybe they go off after a long long time?
  11. Tdci Gear Knob Removal

    Hey guys...thanks...all sorted now... :)
  12. Hi Guys, the leather gaiter has worn on my 2004 tdci. I have managed to source a replacement from an ST 220 (whoop whoop!). Also a matching handbrake leather cover (whoop whoop whoop!). Anyway(it was only a tenner posted) so how does the gear knob come off? I suspect it just unscrews but I dont want to break anything so thought I would ask. p.s. I have love these cars ...you can upgrade and mod them effectivly and very cheaply. So far: blanked off the EGR valve Installed footwell blue LED footwell lights - just had to buy the bulbs Installed blue LED in the courtesy light Different car already and all for under £30 ! Cheers :D
  13. Wheel Arch Ding

    Im not sure how thick the metal is around the wheel arch. Its on the appex of the arch. Its on the flat area of the arch (if that's a good enough description) very close to the edge but not involving the edge. The question of whether it will pop out perhaps with a little pushing when applying the heat cold technique i think will depend on the local stresses within the metal and the tension paths.....hey that sounds a bit rocket sciencey ! The annoying thing is the paint is completely intact so if I can just pop it back it would be job done so to speak.
  14. Wheel Arch Ding

    Hey James. I have read about the hairdryer and ice cold compressed air thing. I think before I do anything else I will try it. I found an article on You Tube about it. I will wait until the weather improves though!
  15. Hi everyone. I have a Mondeo tdci zetec which I have had for a few months and its growing on me. I got the car with a dent on the drivers side rear wheel arch but I am hoping to fix it myself. It has pushed in and I am hoping I may be able to pop it out. However I need to access behind it. There appears to be a plastic archway protector in place and I am wondering if its possible to pull this forward without removing it enough to get something like a bit of wood or something to puch it forward and hopefully pop it out. This may ofcourse not work but I wanted to try...if it doesnt its a filler and paint job. Any thoughts? Thanks :)