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  1. Indeed it is a h7, something that I wish I knew earlier hehe (you learn something new everyday) unfortunately in my eagerness and frustration at the plastic that the 2 bulbs came in ( it would be easier to escape from prison than it would to escape 2 bulbs from that packaging!! ) I simply did not notice until i had the bulb in my hand that it had 3 prongs!!! I had entered my registration number on the GSF car parts website and these came up so assumed (naively) that they would be fine.... have now brought 2 new Neolux 50% brighter ones for £8 which I have been told is the best I’ll get with out breaking the bank.. so if anyone is wants to reallly treat the other half this Christmas... I have 2 H4 Ring Xenon150 +150% 12V 60/55W 472 Halogen Bulbs brand new, opened but untouched (glass bulb) with packaging £14 free delivery .... Worth a shot 😉 thanks as always for all replies!
  2. Argh.... they don’t fit, they have 3 prongs on where as my mk2 has 2!! they’re also too big for the hole!! Can I make any mods for them to fit? thanks 😊
  3. Hi everybody, one of my headlight bulbs has blown, I normal replace with the cheapest bulb I can find from euro car parts/GSF etc. however, I have found these H4 Ring Xenon150 +150% 12V 60/55W 472 Halogen Bulbs. A pair for £14 will they work ok on my focus mk2?
  4. Thanks for the feedback kajeeves, but why differentiate though?? ( I know your not the ford design team lol) surely it would be common sense to use the same icon???
  5. I get it, I really do... but the icon for the front screen could surely be the back screen, when it’s rained or snowed or my car is dirty and I look through my rear view window this is the view I see (because the sweep of the rear view wiper clears exactly that shape) and my front screen I see as being a big rectangle! Anyway that was my interpretation of this... many thanks to all who have posted, I appreciate your time 👍
  6. Thank you for all your replies, I can now sleep easy 😂
  7. Hi guys, so after owning my focus mk2 for a few years it has always baffled me why the heated front and rear screen buttons seem to have the wrong icons on... (see photo) my rear screen is heated via horizontal wires within the screen and my front is heated by vertical wires within the screen... so why do my buttons contradict this? Is everyone else the same or have mine been jumbled up in the factory? I know it’s not the most thrilling of subjects but it’s always baffled me, no one else i ask seems interested about my poor old focus but you guys seem different 😉 any help would be great! Cheers!
  8. Hi guys, I have a mk2 focus without the switch on the driver’s door handle to deactivate the motion sensors, I also have a dog. is there any way to retro fit this switch so i’m able to leave my dog safely locked in my car but with the windows down? Thank you !
  9. That’s great, thank you both for your swift replies 👍
  10. Morning, my mk2 focus needs an engine oil top up, I did a complete oil change in November last year and I used Petronas engine oil. Will I be doing any harm by say topping it up with Mobil 1 oil which is the same grade? Thank you
  11. Sorry! I have worked it out I put the nut in the wrong way round! Very embarrassing!! Can’t work out how to delete this post though so it doesn’t waste people’s time!
  12. Hi, I have a mk2 Focus, decided to add an extra earth wire from aerial base to interior lights earth ( behind the light itself) to try to get better reception on am channels. I have taken the bolt out completely cleaned threads up and have replaced but it just keeps turning and not tightening so it’s not gripping my aerial base! Is there something i’m doing wrong ? The torx screw just keeps turning but won’t bite the aerial! Many help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. hi, my steering wheels shakes when at high speed. so much so thats it shakes my arms not great i know! it had to go for its mot the other day which it passed although its had an advisory of "both track rod inner ball joints (front) my questions for you clever bunch are: 1. track rod inner ball joints the same as tie rods? 2. are they reasonably easy to change myself? 2. does anyone else mk2 steering wheel seem to shake alot on the motorway? i dont know if its always been as bad because recently on motorway journeys i've been lucky enough to be driving a new merc, which even at high speeds you can hold the steering wheel with 1 finger (i don't by the way, both hands 10 to 2, but figured its a good analogy 🙂 ) thank you
  14. Hi, over the past week my mk2 has developed a loud worrying knocking sound from the front end. The noise isn’t all the time but has happened in the follow incidents:- 1. Emergency stopping - Braking heavly while pressing the clutch down to stop stalling. Obviously I don’t do this very often but the other day had to stop quite abruptly and this was the first time I heard the knocking (3or 4 knocks) while braking. 2. Changing gear, if I want to make a bit of process and am speeding up faster than normal Changing from 3rd to 4th gear caused just 1 loud clunk. 3. Pulling off quickly, pulled of fairly quickly the other day from some traffic lights and while release the clutch it clunked loudly and carried on doing so for about 100yards! I would like like to point out that I don’t normally drive like once described above hence why the noises are only happening every so often! Could anyone shed some light as to what it might be please? Thanks for for taking the time to read I look forward to the replies :)
  15. That’s great, thank you for your help frembit 🙂 many idea on price please?