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  1. hi, my steering wheels shakes when at high speed. so much so thats it shakes my arms not great i know! it had to go for its mot the other day which it passed although its had an advisory of "both track rod inner ball joints (front) my questions for you clever bunch are: 1. track rod inner ball joints the same as tie rods? 2. are they reasonably easy to change myself? 2. does anyone else mk2 steering wheel seem to shake alot on the motorway? i dont know if its always been as bad because recently on motorway journeys i've been lucky enough to be driving a new merc, which even at high speeds you can hold the steering wheel with 1 finger (i don't by the way, both hands 10 to 2, but figured its a good analogy 🙂 ) thank you
  2. Hi, over the past week my mk2 has developed a loud worrying knocking sound from the front end. The noise isn’t all the time but has happened in the follow incidents:- 1. Emergency stopping - Braking heavly while pressing the clutch down to stop stalling. Obviously I don’t do this very often but the other day had to stop quite abruptly and this was the first time I heard the knocking (3or 4 knocks) while braking. 2. Changing gear, if I want to make a bit of process and am speeding up faster than normal Changing from 3rd to 4th gear caused just 1 loud clunk. 3. Pulling off quickly, pulled of fairly quickly the other day from some traffic lights and while release the clutch it clunked loudly and carried on doing so for about 100yards! I would like like to point out that I don’t normally drive like once described above hence why the noises are only happening every so often! Could anyone shed some light as to what it might be please? Thanks for for taking the time to read I look forward to the replies :)
  3. That’s great, thank you for your help frembit 🙂 many idea on price please?
  4. Had the car from new so yes i’m sure i’ve Seen it somewhere... is it only ford where you can get a new one from? Thank you
  5. title says it all really... like a wally I have misplaced my locking wheel but key... how do do I go about getting another one please? Its a Ford Focus mk2 2007 thank you in advance!!
  6. Wow that’s spot on thank you 1979damian, I will take the air intake pipe (thanks iantt) off this weekend and have a look.... what did you clean your valve with please?
  7. Hi iantt, thank you for replying, your engine looks like a different layout to mine, I can’t seem to find anything that looks like the thing your pointing to... the only thing I thought it might be is here where I have marked.. any thoughts?? Cheers 🙂
  8. Thanks once more too you all.. I ended up with new Brembo pads and a new calliper fitted it today really easy to do and saved my self a few hundred quid
  9. Hi, I had the dreaded engine management light on along with the p0400 code. (EGR valve malfunction) going to try giving the valve a clean and just need you wonderful lot to tell me exactly where it is on my engine? It is a 2.0l petrol duratec he in a 2007 mk2 focus Excuse the dirtiness ( that’s the next job !!) thanks in advance
  10. Thank you for all the replies, i’m going to do what stef123 suggests and clean them all up a bit before changing anything. its a focus mk2 by the way, sorry I forgot to put that in the original post. As it’s getting on a bit and quite honestly it’s days are numbered I wasn’t going to spend a fortune on pads. i’ve been Looking at GSF auto parts and they do their own “GSF standard” brake pads for £20, they’ve even got 50% off this weekend. has anyone ever used GSF standard anything on their car ? are they worth going for. I hate squeezing brakes so I will definitely be put off them if after a few hundred miles they start to Squeal! Again thank you all for your replies.
  11. Hi, i have noticed that my rear n/s wheel is very much dirtier than the others. My car is slowing down much quicker if I take my foot of the accelerator and seems to take more effort to speed up. All symptom are pointing towards a sticking brake on that wheel. i’ve jacked the car up and there is definitely resistance on me turning the wheel by hand. Will it be my brake pads or discs causing this and is there anyway of telling? Thanks
  12. Hi Micro, Thanks for your reply, I’m sorry I have only see this. When I turn the key in my driver’s door everything unlocks (3door) Shortly after originally posting about this months ago my key suddenly started to work again. It did have a few hit and misses though... 1. When just undoing the boot (using button) the alarm would go off, then wouldn’t unlock using key so had to turn key in door then put into ignition to turn of the alarm! 2. Next day everything is working fine, unlock works every time although it seems quite slow if that makes sense, when I lock it’s bang, locked, quickly but when I unlock it almost seems reluctant to like someone moving a bolt very slowly. 3. Today... decided that the problem must be remote coin battery, never changed since car new 2007! So popped in a brand new top of the range battery!! Only to discover when I took key apart that unlock switch on circuit board had come away completely! thankfully have a fairly well stocked garage and soldered switch back into place.. all fits back together into remote. Everything works but it will not unlock!! Please can anyone help, do you have to reset the key using the ignition on and off technique when you put a new battery in? Thank you for reading! Fordfootforward
  13. Hi, my 3 button long blade car key has stopped unlocking my car... it locks and undoes the boot but unlock grrr..... i know it’s probably the key’s contact points but I wondered whether the immobiser that receives the signal from the key can go bad? Cheers
  14. The only thing with driving economically with that engine is you can trigger the engine light to come on... which Happened to me last week(not for the first time) bought an obd reader and plugged it in... fault code was p0400 which I have had before... its an egr malfunction Caused by a clog up of carbon in the valve a simple cure is to get the car up to temperature let idle for a few minutes and then give it a couple of high revs to the red bars and until the arrrow light comes on, it will kick a load of cr*p out of the exhaust. Then erase the engine code and it’s as good as new.. I know this from taking it to a mate of mine who’s big into his cars and runs a garage he did the exact same thing for me in April last year and it didn’t come on again until now.. which I’m happy about Hope this helps someone out if they ever have this problem
  15. Thank you all for the advice.. i’ve never heard of an engine flush being bad news so it’s fantastic to know that you all think the same and to avoid it at all costs, i’ve owned the car from new and it has always been serviced every year but with it now reaching the 10year mark and being told the gearbox is Giving up slowly I figured I might as well do it myself knowing that I will never sell it but may just end up on scrap heap or broken for parts! never met anyone with the same engine as me dave1981 what sort of mpg do you get from it? I do love it as an engine, on the motorway.. if I’m sat in 5th at 70ish and want to put my foot down it doesn’t half move without having to change down a gear.. sometimes leaving big cars like bmw,Mercedes in its wake!