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  1. Problem: P120X And P020X Codes

    Just for future reference. Replacing a single injector (on cylinder 3) fixed the issue. More than 500km without a single jerk or error. Thanks for help!
  2. Problem: P120X And P020X Codes

    After a bit of thought: X in "P102X" means the cylinder number and cylinders are ordered from the left to right (right?), so the injector number does not seem to matter.
  3. Problem: P120X And P020X Codes

    Hi guys, Do you know how to identify the injectors by their numbers? I mean when I look at the engine then which one is 1, 2, 3 and 4? Greetings, cauchy PS. I am also about to replace one of my injectors since it started to produce the "check engine" codes every 100 m. I will report how it worked.
  4. Problem: P120X And P020X Codes

    Great instructions. Thanks!
  5. Problem: P120X And P020X Codes

    Thanks for the hint. I did not try EGR. But still, this seems a bit too advanced for me. Do you have any photos showing where is this pipe exactly?
  6. Problem: P120X And P020X Codes

    Jim, What you say is interesting. Do you have also P020X errors or only the P120X ones? If we have the same problem, it means simply that I also need to check my injectors. Having this problems on multiple injectors I assumed that it has a common cause, but you might be right that that the injectors starts to wear out at the same time. My injectors are Siemens (4M5Q-9F593-AD), and, AFAIK, they also do not need coding. I am not sure about my mileage, since its a second hand car. It is at least 110,000 km, but I believe it is 40k more (yours is 145,000 km or 145,000 miles?).
  7. Problem: P120X And P020X Codes

    I think you have a different problem. I did not experience P0087. You also do not mention any jerks. Anyway, my problem still persists. It did not get worse, but it neither healed itself magically. In our engines the wires are separated, thus a problem with wires is quite improbable if we have problems on multiple injectors. Therefore, PCM seems to be a candidate #1 for me, unfortunately.
  8. Problem: P120X And P020X Codes

    You say that the problem could be after cylinder 1. Do you suggest that cylinders/injectors are wired "sequentially"? What I see when inspecting my engine is that the wires split roughly at one point and go in four directions from there, so I do not see where the point "wiring after cylinder 1" could be. My engine looks like this one: http://www.lyonssystemsserver.com/breakerpro/1038/1038-240112-165540-631-PTIMG.jpg
  9. Problem: P120X And P020X Codes

    Thanks for the response. Actually, I have an error on injectors 2 and 3. Is it possible that one faulty injector generates electrical errors on the other ones? I have been looking for an link between those errors or the "jerks" and other factors such as the rain, temperature, revolutions, acceleration, length of the ride and found absolutely no correlation. The only thing is that I feel that the problems come in series, e.g., three days when I experience problems, followed by a week without any. Three electricians after inspecting the wires failed to resolve the problem. They suggested replacing all injectors, but this is just a wild (and quite costly) guess. Any other thoughts?
  10. Hi guys, I have two symptoms with my S-Max 2008 1.8 (1.8L Duratorq-TDCi): 1. From time to time the engine jerks 2. From time to time I get the "check engine" light (I think that it is connected with jerking). Sometimes it takes 500km to get one, sometimes I have two on the distance of 2 km. To date, I have spotted the following error codes: P0202, P1202, P0203, P1203, P1204. I could replace injectors, but it will cost me and I have no guarantee that they are cause. Any ideas? :) Best regards, cauchy
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums cauchy :)

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