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  1. Hi folks... My door won't open from the outside,seems the dreaded plastic hook has snapped! Tried to enter this afternoon,had to open it via the passenger side,that also is getting stiff! Anyone know the part name/number,might as well get 2 or try & make a metal fix that lasts longer,has anyone tried to make their own. ;)
  2. Streetka Clutch Cable

    Its not slipping Del,just the gear contact seems higher in the pedal,or is that a sign I need a new clutch! :o
  3. Hi folks,noticed this week the clutch pedal is riding high on contact,was wondering if the clutch cable can be adjusted from under the bonnet or is it hydraulic!!! I never noticed when I last worked under the bonnet,engine bay is too cramped to see anything!
  4. Engine Misfire

    Last time I had a misfire it was the ignition coil ;)
  5. Streetka spare wheel

    I always keep a can of puncture repair in the boot,you won't see me crawling under the car on a wet night

    Don't see the problem,as long as it's wired correctly & you have checked the fuses! Must admit it's very handy in those cold mornings :P

    I always clean it with leather cleaner when doing the dash ;)
  8. Noticed today my handbrake is getting higher,anyone know if it can be adjusted ;)
  9. Its finally here!!!!

    Probably too busy driving! :P :P :P
  10. Engine Management Light

    My local garage reset mine for £20,after I fitted a new exhaust ;)
  11. Heater blowing hot

    Less than £20 to buy! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/HEATER-CONTROL-VALVE...id=p3286.c0.m14 My local garage would probably charge £30 to fit,so £50 is a reasonable price,anything over £100 is a rip off!!! ;)
  12. How did you get on! Is it back on the road now.
  13. Streetka general question

    They seem to go between £3000/£7000 depending on condition.Ebay sells the hardtops around £500. We like our Streetka because it is rare to pass another one,especially with the hardtop & rear spoiler,enjoy your new purchase & get the roof down & smile...... :P
  14. Its finally here!!!!

    Now its time to run up some mileage,get some pics up :P
  15. Yeah,the diagnostic reader identifies it,think it reads bank 1/bank 2(before & after the cat),the manifold plug is easier to get off because its in the engine bay & less dirt gets to it,unless its been baked on with the heat under the hood :P As I said an easy fix & generally a quick job,always a good idea to suggest to the guy to put some copper grease on the plug threads,easier to get off in future.