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  1. Central Locking - Drivers Door, Common Problem?

    Thanks for the reply tommy, I got into the car this morning and the rouge lock seems to have come unstuck, after climbing over the passenger seat (again) I managed to unlock it using the handle inside the door, the door will now opern with the key 'but not the fob' other three doors open though with the fob, I regurarly park under a tree at night and at this time of year the car frequently gets a liberal coating of tree sap (along with a genorous donation from the birds) therefore assuming the tree sap might be seeping down through the window seal and clogging the connections etc, I gave both the lock and the machanism behind the handle a good sparay with WD40 followed with hot water poured down through the window seal (window open) then another load of WD40 again and left it overnight. Now that I've got the door open I'll have to take the panel off and give the locking components a good clean, Do i have to disconnect ant switches or wires to remove the panel and Is there anything I should avoid messing with when the panels off?.
  2. Central Locking - Drivers Door, Common Problem?

    I'm having a similar problem with my 2000(W) ford focus LX, I always double lock (deadlock) my car at night and the other morning I discovered the drivers door lock has stuck in the locked position, It wont open wih the key or the fob (key and fob are one unit) fob locks & unlocks other three doors, as does the key, but only when inserted into the passenger door lock, and as it was deadlocked I can't even open the drivers door manually from inside the car therefore have to enter and leave via the passenger door. I've reset both the central locking system and the fob, I've tried WD40 in the lock all with no luck, i'm not sure if I can get to the locking mechanism with the door closed.