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  1. Mk3 2.0 Tdci Mondeo Maf Sensor

    Cheers for the replys guys. What kind of code reader would i need to suit a mk3 mondeo?
  2. Hey guys. So i did a little reading online and it said that a way to test if the maf sensor is faulty is to unplug it and see if the orange coil light stops coming on......well i did this and although the car was a little sluggish and the turbo didnt kick in the glowplug light didnt come on at first when i accelerated hard in it but it has started to do it again but not as bad. Could this be something to do with me blocking off ther egr valve? I really need to suss this out so i can sell it on to get a bigger car as the wifes due in january. Any ideas guys? Cheers :)
  3. Mk3 Mondeo Apinions

    Well i managed to clean and replace the egr valve and replaced the cam sensor and it hasnt cured the issue. could it be possible for the battery to be duff and not crank it over fast enough? I need to fix this so the car can be sold as i need a 7 seater. Any ideas guys? Cheers :)
  4. Has A Mk2 Galaxy Got The Same Gear Box As A Mk1?

    Cheers for the reply stoney. :) The gear boxes are different for sure but im not sure about the gear selector on the top. The flaw with the gear selector on the mk1 is the pinch bolt on it can sheer off or work its way loose and fall in the gearbox and bounce of the gears in the box with enough force to smash a hole in it. This is what happened to the first box. The second one the bolt come out totaly. The box can be taken out and shook upside down and you might get lucky and the bolt come out but i didnt have the facilitys or time to do it so it got sold.hopefully the selector isnt the same ;)
  5. hey guys.ok so i used to have a mk1 ford galaxy 1.9 tdi which the gearbox decided to loose all the gears and when i got it towed home the gearbox locked up which nearly made me crash into a parked car and smashed a hole in the bottom of the gearbox loosing all my oil. a replacement box was bought for a eye watering 175 quid and 300 quid to fit it which decided to loose its pinch bolt from the gear selector again resulting in loosing the gears again. does the mk2 galaxy 1.9 tdi have the same type of gearbox as I was considering buying a mk2 due to the wife expecting so I'm needing a 7 seater but didn't want to go though the gear box issues again if it had the same type. cheers guys B)
  6. Mk3 Mondeo Apinions

    cheers matix. this might explain why its hard to start first thing
  7. Mk3 Mondeo Apinions

    hey guys .ok so ive had this issue with my mk 3 Mondeo 2.0 tdci duratorq for a while now with it cutting out and the glow plug light coming on so today i decided to try and remove the egr valve to clean it and blank it off..........but it didnt go so well. I managed to remove the two bolts to undo the egr valve from the mount but there is a another two bolts holding another pipe to it but I could only get one bolt out so I couldn't clean the egr valve.i decided to box it up uncleaned but blanked off to see if it would cure the cutting out issue but when I drove it the car was still doing it. is this because the valve wasn't cleaned? if not is there anything else it could be? cheers guys. some times the car totally cuts out.
  8. Dab Radio

    I have a dab radio in my mk3 mondeo bob and they are pretty straight forward to change. Aerial wise you can either buy a amplified bee sting type aerial which you will need to remove the interior light/sunglasses cubbyhole in the roof lining to gain access to replace it or get a internal one that sticks on the glass inside the car and is earthed to the body work of the car. I have the internal type aerial which works ok but if i head out of town it loses signal alot so i would pay a little extra and get a bee sting aerial. My head unit is a single din so a adaptor plate is required and as yours is a mk4 you will need one either way due to the shape of the dash. If you get a dab + radio you can pause. Fast forward and rewind live radio which is a good feature. :)
  9. Mk3 Mondeo Coil Light And Cutting Out

    the car is difficult to start first thing and it doesn't matter its cold or hot. where is the egr valve located as im going to clean it or blank it off.cheers for the quick reply matix B) not sure when it was changed stef but I haven't since ive owned it and ive had it a year.
  10. hey guys. ok so my mk3 Mondeo has decided go into limp mode and display the glow plug light on the dash if I try to accelerate hard in it. sometimes it goes into limp mode at cuts out. sometimes it just goes into limp mode. ive looked online a it says it could be a gunked up egr valve? could it be anything else? cheers guys
  11. Power Window Not Working

    this happened to my mk3 02 plate recently and it was the multiplug connector in the door frame had come loose. I unplugged it and reconnected it and its all working now B)
  12. Mk3 2002 Mondeo Cutting Out

    cheers guys. could of sworn i wrote the details of the car lol. its a 2002 mk3 mondeo 2.0 lx 130 bhp i believe. i used to have a mk1 galaxy which has a boatload of problems so i bought a code reader that plugged into me laptop. wonder if that will fit?/work. the code reader works through a software called vcds lite. B)
  13. hey guys. :) so this has happened 3 or four times so far and im hoping this is a quick easy fix. the glow plug light has started to come on then the car would go in limp mode and cut out, once the car has had the ignition turned off and on. the car starts and is back to normal. any ideas guys? also on occasion the airbag light flickers on then off.
  14. Seat Covers

    might be a silly question snoop but did the rear back rest cover fit on due to the seatbelts exiting from the seats? mine didnt matter due to 3 kids car seats covering the rear backrest of the seat. :)
  15. Opinions Please {Weird Handling}

    aint bounced the corners of the car bof. i,ll try that tomorrow. if its the bushes is it the kind of thing you can do at the roadside? dont have a garage