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  1. This Damn Fuel Metering Valve

    Never thought to do that... nice :)
  2. This Damn Fuel Metering Valve

    To be honest im not sure, so i doubt it... but if needs must then i can get a genuine ford part
  3. Well the part has arrived and i can see how it all goes together. The valve looks correct and i can see how to remove the origianl... but i have just been told that these valves are not meant to be changed, also the Heayns manual confirms that they are one unit?? So whats the deal, i know they can be seperated... is this a do'able job or will i have to replace the whole pump? Cheers Guys
  4. Yeah, i've had a few good experiances with Euro Car Parts... prices seem really fair. Looks like the RAC actuall cover my battery, so i will get them to replace it :)
  5. Thanks Guys. Yeah, these units come seperate... just need to find a photo of where the damn thing is, i'll break out the Haynes manual later. But on another note, the gad damn battery just died and the starter looks like its on it way out :/ Cars eh
  6. Hey everyone Just before i start to look in to this faulty metering valve, i figured i best found out hwere the pump and valve are located. Cheers Al
  7. Cheers Guys... As soon as i posted this message i order the blanking plate for the EGI valve, Its the older style where the EGR is on the front, just left of the grill. Seeing as its a nice weekend, i will get the car up tomorrow and strip the hoses off.
  8. Hey guys So, this problem came on over 2 days, Under wide open throtle i get lots of black smoke and very little to no power... if i ease on the boost i can feel it kicking, but goe away as soon as you open it right up. Runs fine as long as i am not on boost, no rough idle or missing, Turbo Spools as normal, veigns are not stuck, egr has been cleaned, no ecu errors... RAC seem to think it may be related to the injectors? but that doesnt sound right. its doesnt behave like its under fueling. I'm kinda thinking it may be a boost leak as i can hear a slight woosh under load... louder than normal. Just really fishing for ideas before i either have to get on my back or drop it the gurage for the injectors. Cheers