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  1. Hey, like what you've done with your Focus ZS. I've got a quick question because you seem to be the only one that I can see who has managed it, but how did you get the 'S' badge onto the front grille? I read the feed and you mentioned you had a screw on one (same here), did you have to take off the grille to fit the back plate of the badge? If so how? I want to fit mine onto my white mk3.5 but no idea how to get the grille off!


    1. roper993


      Sorry for the late reply! I stopped using.this as the app never worked ! 


      It takes abit to do but you kind of have to screw the backing bit to the badge but only alittle bit then slide the backing plate through a gap in the grill trying not to drop it . hold the backing plate behind the grill so it doesnt move and then screw the 's' badge untill it meets the backing plate and is tight. So your actually spinning the 's' badge into the grill to make ot tight! 


      Hope that helps! 


    2. carpy87


      Brilliant! Thanks for that, I'll give it a go this week.

  2. roper993

    Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Cheers buddy! Just needs lowering to get rid of the arch gap!
  3. roper993

    App not working?!

    Cheers! Hopefully an update soon.
  4. roper993

    App not working?!

    I know this is not the right place for this post but i thought someone mighr have the same problem and a solution ! I have been a member for years and always used the app, but the other day all the forum topics like models and general chat etc was all yellow text i stead of white and now when i click focus forum nothing happens just a loading screen?! I use the app regularly and wondered if anyone else has encountered this. Its alot easier to navigate on the app, took me a while to get this on my phone internet ! Haha
  5. roper993

    Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    The badge is on a screw and you just slide the backing plate in behind the grill and line up then screw in the hole, put the bolt on the other side then the easest way i found was to hold the backing plate and the bolt, then spin the badge till its tight! Took 2 min to do pal!
  6. roper993

    Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Newest upgrade! Bola b10's 18"!
  7. roper993

    Will A Mk3 St Spoler Fit A Mk3.5 Zs?

    Covered solid !
  8. roper993

    Will A Mk3 St Spoler Fit A Mk3.5 Zs?

    That where the light should go. Pretty sure it came with holes but starting to think it didnt haha, can someone confirm !
  9. roper993

    Will A Mk3 St Spoler Fit A Mk3.5 Zs?

    Hiya pal the one from maxton designs, does it need any holes drilling for the light and washer fluid to come through ? Just ive got it back from the painter and the hiles have been covered meaning i cannot put the light wires through ! Just need to confirm it was the paintshop fault and it DID come ready to fit ?
  10. roper993

    Best Lowering Suspension For Mk3 Zetec S??

    Its a 2015 1litre ecoboost! And yer i know its already slightly lower but there still a big arch gap with the 16's on so with getting 18's it would be bigger right ?
  11. roper993

    Will A Mk3 St Spoler Fit A Mk3.5 Zs?

    Test fit was good today, getting painted tommorow and fitted on Monday! ☺
  12. Got a mk3 facelift zetec s with 18" and wondering if anyone knows where to start in regards to lowering it as i dont know much on this ! Cheers.
  13. roper993

    Mk 3 Headlight Bulb Clips??

    Im using osram nightbreakers atm, pretty good , whiter but still yellowy! Honestly im not sure haha! I had a kit i didnt use for like a year so used them, then bought 2 replacement h7r bulbs from hid direct which were £14 , the rest of the kit will probs be about £30/£40. When i bought my kit there was no h7r bulb out so they might have made a while kit with h7r already in it
  14. roper993

    Mk 3 Headlight Bulb Clips??

    Personally i dont think they do much! There better than the standard, abit more white. But ive had hid's in all my cars so im used to bright and blue, hence why im on a mission to get these clips sorted haha!
  15. roper993

    Mk 3 Headlight Bulb Clips??

    Theres no point buying a hid kit yet mate as there is no way to keep the bulb in place as no clips have been made for it yet! Im in the process of trying to sort a 3d printer so i can make myself a clip. Only other option is to look for better bulbs, like orsam nightbreakers etc!