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  1. Lol typical get into he car on the way home from work and it's working fine again held the button down for a few seconds and finally moved
  2. Hi all my driver's side windows won't go down I thought it was due to the slight frost yesterday morning but on the way to work tonight it still wouldn't go down it moves slightly down then goes back up, you can hear the motor going.Any ideas?
  3. Hi all I'm after some advice on respraying my girlfriends 107 (I know it's not a Ford) We've been quoted around £200-£300 for a respray on the side. The person we brought the car off said some kids through stones at the car one night he's tried to repair it but did a shocking job Would this be worth doing for a novice? Am I right in thinking it needs wet sanding - primeing - spraying - clear lacquer then polishing to blend in??
  4. Box On Windscreen????

    Mine had the gel which held it onto the windscreen but since the weather's got cold I got in the car one morning and the box was hanging off! No matter how many times I tried to stick it back on it just kept falling off
  5. Box On Windscreen????

    Wheel to full??
  6. Box On Windscreen????

    If i move the wiper stick up once they come on themselves but don't seem to go off or maybe its intermittent
  7. Box On Windscreen????

    I'll have another look at it tomorrow to see where the clear part is on the backing holding the sensor. I might be able to tape round it I'm not sure if the previous owner has had issues with it falling down off the windscreen.
  8. Box On Windscreen????

    I cleaned the glue off and used some heavy duty Velcro strips to hang the sensor back on
  9. Box On Windscreen????

    Thanks. The wipers don't seem to work by themselves no matter what position the wipers are in
  10. Box On Windscreen????

    Guys anybody able to tell me what this black box is next to my rear view mirror??? The !Removed! thing keeps falling down since its got cold looks like the glue has had it.
  11. My New Mobius Dashcam

    I was a bit worried about hardwiring it but it was so easy, and there's plenty of support here
  12. My New Mobius Dashcam

    In a loop you have to change one of the settings
  13. My New Mobius Dashcam

    Thought i'd post an update sent my mobius back & exchanged it new one worked straight away once i'd changed the settings.Strange
  14. My New Mobius Dashcam

    Still no luck getting my cam to work. I get issues with the cam not being detected in my pc until its had a 5 min charge I'm thinking it could be the battery as the camera works fine when its been on charge for a while starts up & shuts down fine. I've also left it 2-3 hours until the green light goes out 4-5 times now but again the cam seems to go dead after a few hours in the car sat doing nothing I've ordered a replacement sd card & ive gone for a super capacitor hoping that sorts out my problem Here's a vid of the camera in the 12v socket https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByuUU6BIywUXaFFBVnZlajFsWVE/view?usp=sharing
  15. My New Mobius Dashcam

    I'm sure fast power mode is on I'm using fuse space 15 now I switched them over yesterday. The camera can sometimes take a while to be picked up by my pc as well if that's any help I'll sometimes have to disconnect the USB a few times to get it to register.