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  1. Ford Focus Sat Nav Unit

    Hi, I just tried but unfortunately it doesn't work. I checked the Quadlock connector pin arrangement in the car and the CAN+ and CAN- is on pin 9 & 10 (Connector A) but on the new head unit it's nothing goes to these pins. (see link for the car pinout) http://www.fordwiki.co.uk/index.php?title=Quadlock_Stereo_Connector_-_Sony_DAB_/_USB I bought this unit: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321664575678?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I think the steering wheel control still works because there are two additional wire for the SWC in Connector B (Pin 6 & 8) and these are exist on my head unit too. On the Quadlock connector for the unit there are some loose cables (pink, brown, etc) as you can see in the "Accessories" section of the eBay item. These loose cables labelled as KEY1, KEY2, REVERSE, BREAK. REVERSE --> Input signal from reverese gear to switch the unit to show the rear view BREAK --> To detect the hand brake status to disable video playback when driving KEY1 --> ????? Can be the CAN+ or CAN- KEY2 --> ????? Can be the CAN+ or CAN- Any suggestion? Does/Can it harm anything if I try to connect the car CAN+/- to the KEY1/2 cables? Where should I lead the REVERSE labelled cable if KEY1/2 does go to CAN+/-? Straight to the gearbox?
  2. Ford Focus Sat Nav Unit

    My unit hasn't got wires in the quadlock connector in the pins where the car's loom CAN pins are. However there are two cables on the unit (marked as KEY1 and KEY2), is it possible that this 2 should go to the car's CAN pins?
  3. Ford Focus Sat Nav Unit

    Hi All, I also just bought one of those chinese sat nav unit for my C-Max 2009 1.6TDCi Titanium. It fits and works good with the steering wheel controls however the car wiring loom (quadlock connector) doesn't include a wire for the reverse gear signal. The new unit has a wire for reverse gear signal but I don't know where to connect it in the car. Do I have to lead it to the gearbox where the actual reverse gear sensor is? Could anybody help me? Cheers
  4. Fx Satnav (Non Touch Screen) 2009

    Hi Guys, I just had the same problem. TravelPilot FX doesn't turn on at all couple of days later the battery gone flat (below 4V), had to buy a new one. Reading deecee3's post I removed the unit to make sure the new battery won't die. However I checked the TSB 26/2013 and it claims the suspected units made between June 2008 and May 2009. The manufacturing date in my unit is 25 June 2009. Do you believe I could still claim it as the symptoms are the same as it's written in the TSB? Cheers
  5. Travelpilot Fx - How To Stop Music

    Hi TomTom, Today I updated the software (www.ford-mobile-connectivity.de) but I still haven't got pause/resume options. I don't even know how can I check what firmwire the stereo has. I couldn't find it in the menu. Anyhow, it works with turning the volume down, the satnav guidence (also phone calls) still audible.
  6. Hi Ford Owners, I recently bought a C-Max with TravelPilot FX. Generally I like this stereo however after lots of trying I still couldn't find out how can I stop it playing CD/Radio/USB. Occasionally I want to use the SatNav part only without listening music. Does anybody know how to do it? Cheers Laszlo