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  1. Hey guys, Which is the best air filter for my car? Here's what I found on ECP but im unsure which one would be best, I dont want to buy poor quality products. All help is much appreciated. http://www.eurocarparts.com/air-filters?awc=3997_1445019491_b52f9784e48398367a454be5928154dc&utm_source=Skimlinks&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_term=ecp+homepage&utm_content=awin+traffic&utm_campaign=Sub+Networks Thanks :)
  2. Your Realistic Next Car?

    No I completely understand, im the same way, i've bonded with mine and was devastated when someone bumped into it. I spent hours trying to fix it and remove the scratches the best I could. This car was mint when I bought it. I think a beater will probably have scratches and dents. I think the first couple of days of owning a big beater would be crucial as i'd probably learn the most then because i'd have to adjust to a bigger car and put it through my usual driving which consists of narrow country lanes, single lane T roads or heavy town center traffic. So it will help me re-learn (or not at all, if its as easy as Jeebs suggests) parallel parking, spacial awareness, 3 point turns, reverse and front bay parking, the lot. There are a few escorts still about. My mate learnt in and drove a 1.6 escort estate which he managed to write off in 6 months, but that's another story.
  3. Your Realistic Next Car?

    I want to become a better driver so I need an old banger that I can practice to driving a bigger car in, you know just out and about town. Don't laugh..but here goes. I'm probably going to be getting a ford escort estate to lug about for a couple of months. I haven't put a scratch on this car but I think I might if I upgrade to that size of car. Better to ruin an old beater and master it than a posher car that i'll cry about.
  4. Things I Don't Like

    Im the same age and i've never felt the urge to go to halfords and buy stick on chrome trim around my lights or buy a dozen stickers and go mental on my panels. I dont think its an age thing when it comes to tastefully modifying your car ;). edit: forgot to mention, there are a bunch of yobbos that meet up at the local maccydeees drive through and their cars are delightful. We're talking about standard black Astras with neon green or orange wheels. Corsas with ridiculous camber and blue/green led/ neon interior lights and cheap aftermarket exhausts. No jdm or fords, but there was one E36? I dunno J plate bmw 3 series with deep-dish alloys with "drift queen" stickers everywhere..
  5. Things I Don't Like

    Birds pooping on your car just after you washed, waxed and dried. >.>
  6. Whats The Best Thing About Owning A Small Ford?

    The car's been described as a tardis. Apparently there's more room in mine than a clio 4 door.
  7. Whats The Best Thing About Owning A Small Ford?

    3 point turn in a single street alleyway = challenge accepted.
  8. Things I Don't Like

    Maybe you guys should start a thread along the lines of "spot the tastefully modified shopping kart" ?
  9. Things I Don't Like

    Haha, forgot to mention there's another sod thats been irratating me. This guy has been taking my parking spot for the past 2 weeks. He drives a 1.1 kia picanto with fake bbs alloys, momo steering wheel and loud twin exhaust which is comical because only one exhaust actually works and/or is connected to the engine.
  10. Things I Don't Like

    People who drive around with no brake lights? Always makes things more interesting. Oh and those people who enjoy modding obnoxiously on rubbish cars. College car park is filled with brilliant examples. Got 2 cars that I've built up an irrational hatred of at the moment- a super loud, slow, redlining Citroen c1 who wont let people over take and bullies his way everywhere, he irritated me today so I decided to put him in his place at the lights (thought you'd be glad to know). I have no idea how his engine hasn't died yet, that thing screams (not just because of the exhaust, he revs the nuts off it everywhere). I always think theres something comical about an underpowered small French car being lowered and having a spoiler. Whats the spoiler supposed to do apart from making it less aerodynamic..? There's also a really badly modified gold "pugway" Peugeot in the car park. Saw him almost crash 2 times today, he reverses so fast and at full throttle without looking! The car is gold/ burnt tangerine, its got amateur smoked out lights with no upgraded reversing lights, making it interesting to guess what he's doing. Note: you have to reverse a lot in the car park because each row leads to a dead end and the car park is always full. Oh and there's tonnes of tacky stickers (mostly subway ones) on the car, black steel wheels with ridiculous camber and the rear tail gate for some reason is off a green Peugeot 106. edit: forgot to mention that the rear bumper is silver. The miss-match panels are either due to his bad driving or a new hipster thing.
  11. Things I Don't Like

    And his ginger hunched-back brother ;). This guy is brilliant.
  12. Hey guys, as the title states; what do you think is the best thing about owning a smaller car? This discussion includes anything up to a focus. I'll go first! I love how: >easy it is to park >easily I can dart in and out of traffic. >Half a tank of fuel = good pick up speed. >1/8 - 1/4 tank = fast-ish to 60.
  13. Spot The Poor German Car!

    dat colour tho. Im christening that car "the poo-mobile" :)
  14. Tyres Look Squashed But Right Pressure?

    I thought the same about mine when I first started driving it, I took it to the tyre fitters they said that some tyres dont always hold the tyre wells correctly (especially if they're budget tyres) but they reassured me its fine and not an issue. They told me the only thing I should maintain on my tyres is the air pressure. BTW, just wondering but your air pressure seems to be quite low, I was told mine are 30 front 28 rear and 30 around if i've taking a full car with luggage. Doesnt your car have bigger wheels? Even if they're the same size wheels i would've thought you needed more pressure because the diesel lump in your car is far heavier than my petrol lump. Take it to your local tyre fitters, most of them are quite friendly, and they'll check it. Because the manufactureres recommended tyre pressures are assumptions/ estimates. So they can tell you exactly what psi you need.
  15. Dash Cams, Dash Cams, Dash Cams.

    Thanks for the input guys, and in reference to assumptions, I just assumed he knew what he was doing. But I guess I have to find the balance because you cant drive assuming everyone on the road is an idiot because you wont make any progress. But i'll definitely take this on board as I respect your opinions Mark& Laurie, I'll be more cautious during times of low traffic because I can afford to wait a couple of minutes and not get stuck.The thing that surprised me was the guy driving the other car was probably only 5 or 6 years older than me, he was a young guy;so I have no idea how he went that far up dumbass creek because he should have no excuses when it comes to lapse in concentration. But still had there been a crash there would've been no witnesses and my word against his, im pretty sure they'd side with him seeing as hes the more "experienced" driver.