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  1. Ok, so here goes. I got myself a Fiesta ST, which was registered may 2015 and I bought it as used at October 2015. I live in Greece and I plan to move to the UK(Southampton) at the start of the next year. I have a full driver's license since 2008. No accidents no anything. Would it be worth to get my car insured, or just leave it here in Greece and get something when I move to the UK?
  2. Just wanted to ask. Has anyone gotten the mp215 and switched to a different remap? From stage 1 to stage 1. I know it sounds pretty stupid. But I'd like to know. And any thoughts on the mr230? Is it actually worth the 2070£? In this amount of money you can get a hybrid setup... any thoughts?
  3. Fiesta Bulbs List

    Any clue where to shop them?
  4. Fiesta Bulbs List

    Im a bit confused, which type do I need for my ST-2 to get for the interior? I mean every bulb in the interior! Passenger's seat, Boot, Driver's seat, everything. I want to get some LED bulbs, but don't know where to search. Please help me
  5. Digging up this thread to ask once more about the PS4. January is here and I slowly see the new tyres getting launched. As of now not many sizes are supported, and more importantly for me 205/40/17 and 215/40/17 are not in the list. Should we expect more sizes to come?
  6. Peron Tuning

    So has anyone here got a peron kit? Any opinions? I will soon going to buy the stage 1 remap with the ITG intake. But i really want to know if it worth it.
  7. Mr230

    Well, you said it all well, but I haven't heard anyone being dissatisfied with peron's gains. It claims 240ish bhp and it costs around 1200 pounds and comes with dp, cooler, intake kit and a remap. Why wouldn't someone choose this over the 2300 pound MR230 kit? In the US deadhooks motorsport have it tuned at 440whp with stock internals and haven't changed a single silicon hose or anything like that. Surely the dyno is used to compare your stats before and after. Surely the peak power isn't what really matters and some differences always apply, no car is the same, but I myself had a remap to my ST and I was promised 220bhp and 320NM from RICA Chiptuning. What I measured in a maha lps-3000 is 206.7bhp with 296NM!!! That's a lot of a declination! And the company itself admitted that something is wrong. Anyway I dont want to get into too much details, what I want to pass through is that you should always check your car and its performance. It's your money that you invest on something like this and you want to get what you are promised. When I gather some money I will get the stage 1 peron remap with the itg.
  8. Mr230

    I'd really like to see a dyno graph of the MR230. Not the one Mountune has in their site. A real one to see if it is worthy for that amount of money. I myself, when the time comes, will go to Peron.
  9. Mr230 , P2xx Or Maxd

    I care solely for the performance and reliability each kit provide or will provide... i don't care about the price at all
  10. Mr230 , P2xx Or Maxd

    I sold my black edition recently and got myself an ST-2 which is remapped as well. I don't really like the remap it has though (it is from a greek programmer) and i want to go for something big. As the title suggests any ST owners here who have any of the above mods? MR230 still isn't released globally but i think some have it in the UK right? Just shoot me with any opinion/review you got.
  11. Ok this is good news because I am a michelin fan, but the PS3 didn't really struck me as really good tyres comparing to Continental SC5 or Bridgestone RE050A. PS3 were soft and they wear out relatively fast. I am from Greece though and the temperatures here are higher than in the UK. Could we get a short preview of the new version of Pilot Sport if possible to convince me to wait until January :D ?
  12. Boost Pressure On The 1.0 Eco Boost

    Thanks for going into trouble logging the car. Don't want to sound rude, but when you log your car you should not floor it from 2nd to 4th... the max boost pressure it not at 4.500-5000rpm which is when you shift gears. In 2nd gear and 1st, you have torque restrictors so you can't see what your actual boost pressure is. If you want and have the time, you can find an open road, put 3rd gear and start accelerating from 1.500-2000 rpm. That's how we are going to make absolutely correct figures :)
  13. Boost Pressure On The 1.0 Eco Boost

    Well...don't think.. that's the reason you measured these figures... 22.5 PSI is 1.55 bar. It's a lot.. have you noticed how long you keep this boost pressure? Mine has 1.5 bar with the remap, it's a black edition.
  14. Mountune Mr165 1.0 Ecoboost!!

    Don't install any kind of exhaust if you are going to get the mr165...The exhaust will NOT work with this kit, because it is not calibrated to do so! I really really want to install this kit on my fiesta as well, too bad it is out of stock :( . I think I will buy it piece by piece so it will be easier to cope with, financially. 165, give or take, bhp on a 1.0 without an exhaust is really something! About the mr165 vs stock ST. Don't even try it guys :P. First of all don't consider the ST as a 182hp car, because it isn't. It's 197 and it is confirmed, so the outcome of this race will be a nightmare for the poor 1.0 :P