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  1. Hello there i had an accident with my car and the ecu of the airbags save a damage (car crash) and the light appears on the dashboard!Is there any possibility to fix it or i have to buy a new ecu!?Thanks in advance for any info!
  2. Best Remap for 1.0l ecoboost 125

    Anyone else to say his opinion?
  3. Best Remap for 1.0l ecoboost 125

    No thanks mate,i have seen bluefin but i dont want it!Revo can be returned to stock aswell!I wanna hear opinions on the other i have wrote above!Thanks in advance for your response! :)
  4. Best Remap for 1.0l ecoboost 125

    Yeah i have seen this somewhere in my search!I will wait him to take place in this one to tell us! :)
  5. Best Remap for 1.0l ecoboost 125

    I agree with you @MarksST!Everyone said that i will see improvement in fuel economy with a remap!I have 5.9 fuel consuption(mixed)now and i get about 750-850 km from a full tank!I drive it at 100km/h with cruise control On!I would love to get a Miltek exhaust with Sport cata and a resonated catback but Mountune stopped me!But i believe mountune is the best choice!I would wait for more opinions!
  6. Hello there team!I would love to tune my car with a remap or a full tuning package!I have read a lot about the car and the remaps but my mind is messed up!Which calibration(remap) is best for our car?I have seen respectable companies like Pumaspeed(167bhp),Revo(179bhp),Mountune(165bhp),Collins Performance(165bhp),AET Motorsport(175bhp) and Motorsport Developments(165bhp),all these are tuning packages like stage 2!But what is the best map for our car?Anyone can provide any dyno sheet from any company?Also i have seen some other companies for remaps but i dont know them!One is CelticTuning with very good numbers for a remap!(158bhp),Hyperchips(154bhp)! Thanks in advance for anyone that can help me clear my mind and my thoughts of what is the best to choose!I dont like to damage the reliability of the car and i like to go as much safe as i can!Also i want a map that can provide me an improvement in fuel economy on normal driving!
  7. 1000cc 125hp Ecoboost Remap,Chip Tuning,Tuning Box

    A reputable company in my country is Revo but i think its not safe to get it because Revo go to 165hp with only a remap and other companies like Mountune and Pumaspeed go to those hp with lot of products!
  8. Hello there people!I am quite a little in the forum but i hadnt made any posts yet!But now i need your help!I am looking into remapping my car!Is anyone here know anything about Hyperchips and CelticTuning?The numbers they provide are pretty good!Also i am confused about what is remap,what is chip tuning and what is tuning box!I will appreciate any help!Looking forward for your answers! PS:I am from Greece and sorry if my language is bad!
  9. Got A Question About Tyres? Ask The Michelin Expert!

    Helo Jamie!I am going to change my tyres and i need your help!I have a Ford Fiesta ecoboost sport with 125hp!I have Continental ContiPremium Contact2 since i bought the car!They are 195/45/16!Can you suggest me a tyre?I can also go to 205/40/17!
  10. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Thanks a lot guys for the replies! :) Sent from my N6 using Ford OC mobile app
  11. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Where can i find a "zetec S" badge?