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  1. Ecoboost Engine Bay Res

    Mountune have just brought out the full induction hose kit which I think includes this but de restricted, in aluminium. Have a read of this thread. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/59989-new-mountune-goodies-for-10-ecoboost/
  2. Show Off Your Mods Ecoboost Zetec S 1.0

    here is my little 1.0 ecoboost. i love it, great car and just about keeps up with my mates metal in standard form! any peformance mod whatsoever and it will have him. thats a 135bhp 1.6, must be the extra torque or i ran it in well :D i haven't done anything peformance wise ive just gone down the visual route. i am not one for decking the car and ruining its handling. it has to be able to be driven like a b-road warrior :P next on my list is to start peformance gains. induction kit asap and i want the decat pipe next. i want to do all supporting mods before it gets treated to a remap from collins. aiming to match pumaspeed's power while using various companys. here are some pics from ford fair. i am a sign maker so all the vinly has been done myself when i am bored at work, front grille and side stripe for example.
  3. What's the opinions on the mountune induction kit then? Yes it's very nicely made and all factory warranted. But, is it as good or better than the Graham goode induction kit for example. I am not really bothered with warranty on something like that as if there are any problems it will be coming off before ford get their mitts on it! :P
  4. hi guys, i am a regular on different forums but this thread is like golddust as not many people have done stuff to theirs yet. superchips or collins that is the question! superchips claim 151bhp and 234nm or torque. what do collins actually claim as its not written on their site. i would assume its just luck with what power i actually get as every engine is different etc. do you guys think it would be better to get a custom map, as by the time i get around to doing one it will have a decat and an induction kit. or will the map compensate anyway?