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  1. Hi, A few months ago my Ford Focus started losing power when slowing down to a roundabout and would completely cut out. After this I would have to pull over and restart the car. I have just thought that perhaps it could be the fact that I changed the factory CD player and updated it with a brand new pioneer one. Could this affect the power of the car or would it be something more sinister. Thanks
  2. Central Locking Help!!!

    Update on this one. When unlocking the car, all doors will unlock apart from the drivers door. Sometimes all the doors apart from the drivers door will lock but only sometimes. I will try what you have suggested and thanks for that
  3. Engine Problem. Help!!!

    So its an automatic and has been driving fine. yeh after I turned the car back on the warning lights went off and it was driving normally again. i pulled up behind a car and it wasn't an immediate cut out it just slowly cut out but wasn't sudden. doesn't ever moan i was told it happened once before and could possibly have something to do with the radiator. have u heard of that happening because of a radiator problem?
  4. Engine Problem. Help!!!

    Also the lights had gone off after turning car back on
  5. Engine Problem. Help!!!

    Was driving into work today which is just over a mile from home and as I pulled into the car park the engine just cut out and the engine light came on, the oil light came on and the explanation mark came on also. I turned the car completely off and then started it again without a problem. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Central Locking Help!!!

    I have tried what you suggested nazsky786 but unfortunately didn't work. Any other suggestions?
  7. Central Locking Help!!!

    No prob
  8. Central Locking Help!!!

    "Place the interior light on doors." setting myself up to sound like an idiot but im guessing you mean the central lights above rear view mirror?
  9. Central Locking Help!!!

    Yeh locked it last night with the key and checked all the doors and they were all locked. I will give this a try and post the results. Thanks for the help
  10. Mk1 Ford Focus Ghia Automatic Gear Surround

    Thanks will have a look later
  11. Central Locking Help!!!

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. All the doors are closed and when locked from the drivers door with the key everything is fine. when using the remote locking It makes a locking sound and then an unlocking sound immediately after but nothing from the drivers side. Its sounds as if the back doors are locking and then unlocking but don't stay locked. Sorry if I have repeated myself but trying to give as much info as possible. Cheers
  12. Central Locking Help!!!

    Hi I have picked up my Ford Focus mk1 ghia and I am having a problem with the remote central locking. I replaced the battery in the fob as nothing was happening when pressing the buttons. Now when I press the lock button it only locks the back doors but then they immediately unlock again. If I lock the car and then press the unlock button it only unlocks the back doors and the boot release button works fine. It all locks perfectly manually. Can anyone help. Thanks
  13. Hi Could anyone tell me how to remove the wood effect gear surround on my model Thanks
  14. Audio Help!!!!

    Thats exactly what im after. Thanks very much
  15. Audio Help!!!!

    I have brought an aftermarket pioneer head unit and I need to by an adapter to use my steering wheel controls but I can't find any that will support a Ghia model. I have a Ford Focus 2000 ghia. Can anyone help please.