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  1. Mondeo Mk1 Poor Starting

    Fuel filter was changed about 40,000 miles ago. The plug leads around 35,000. I found that the leads caused more problems at higher revs, under load. The plugs are pre-gapped at 0.9 (NGK).
  2. I have a 1994 Ford Mondeo Mk1 1.8 Petrol. Recently it has become difficult to start. Previously it would start on the first turn of the engine. Now it requires 2-5 bursts of starter. Sometimes it will catch and immediately die. Once it has started it's generally ok, except I have had once case of it dying whilst idling within 5 minutes of starting. I also had a couple of cases of it dying whilst driving. The problem can occur with a cold or hot start. Also, the fuel consumption has worsened from around 36mpg to 32.5mpg. I have new plugs, air filter and O2 sensor. There are no fault codes found with either KOEO or KOER tests. It can also perform a Cylinder Balance test perfectly. The fuel pump runs for a few seconds when the ignition is turned on, and the immobiliser light goes out after 6 seconds. I understand this has an Idle Speed Control Valve and an Idle-increase Solenoid Valve. I wonder if they may be at fault. But I would have hoped that a fault code would be logged. The engine also idles perfectly during running.