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  1. Thanks Steve, I'll have a look and try clean it like you said! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Did you mean one of these? Or is it a cable going into each side/wheel around this area? Sorry for the newb-ness! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. I think they have greased them but I'll check on Monday as it's due back! When you say outer casing, do you mean of the cable? I'm not sure where the cables actually are or where I should be looking/cleaning! :( Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. So it's come out of the garage again, squeaking wasn't there at first but now it's back as normal! How do I go about cleaning the cables myself Steve? That might make a difference... Everywhere else I look seems to be pointing at the shoes being the problem. Any other ideas? Driving me mad!
  5. Hi Steve, So you had the exact same issues and noises from the different areas? I did me mention it to them but all they keep doing is 'adjusting' and 'cleaning' stuff, aka nothing. I'll mention this again tomorrow, it's gonna get fixed eventually. I'd do it myself but I'd have no idea where to look under the car! Thanks again for the advice mate. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. Right, I've had an issue with my Focus S 59 plate for a while. It squeaks from the rear (and what sounds like directly underneath) when my brake pedal or handbrake is released. Garage have had it several times and say they've cleaned and adjusted the rear stuff but no change. Brakes work fine, it's just the squeak that is driving me mad now. One thing to note is that if the handbrake is on then the brake pedal doesn't squeak, which after looking around online, makes me think it's a rear drum and/or handbrake cable issue. I'll be calling them again tomorrow to book it in again for the... 5th or so time.. I don't understand why they think cleaning is going to fix it even though it never has! Any advice would be much appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  7. Awesome, think I've got a few mates who will want to come along and can possibly get some footage on the camera :D Roughly how many people so far? :)
  8. Focus S Exhaust & Wind Deflector Ideas

    Yeah, that looks awesome! I think I need to get the rear skirt painted black too - again I'm a bit of a noob so I'd have no idea where to start!
  9. Right, I've not had my Focus S long (or been on here long), next to no mods, but this would be fun - are newbs welcome? ;)
  10. Hi guys, Had my Focus S a few months now and looking to spice it up a bit. I'm looking to get a new exhaust, the factory one just doesn't cut it, and was wondering what you guys would recommend? Possibly twins? I've heard Powerflow Exhausts are decent but just looking for advice from people who actually know what they are on about! I'm also looking at getting some wind deflectors. I've heard Team Heko thrown around but again, just wondered what you guys thought and if they're worth it? Also ordered these to match the colour of the car: http://www.dmb.uk.com/prod/1288/superman-gel-badges I've got the rears tinted with 20%, but it wasn't done very well so I'm thinking of having it re-done. Only this time, limo tint and also front and rear lamps tinted. Is it illegal to have the fronts tinted? If you've got any other ideas for little mods or things you've done, lemme know.
  11. Squeaky Brakes

    I want to, but so far I haven't really messed with any of my cars. Most I've done so far with the Focus is debadge the rear and I thought I was a god. I'd do it myself but wouldn't know where to start really mate!
  12. Squeaky Brakes

    Nah I'm the same, I wouldn't know if they had or hadn't! I'll probably just call and tell them they're still squeaking, maybe they'll want to look again. Like I said, the brakes feel fine but the noise is annoying :P
  13. Squeaky Brakes

    Wouldn't that have been done when they 'cleaned' it at the garage yesterday? Not sure what cleaning brakepads actually involves haha
  14. Squeaky Brakes

    Hi guys, first post around here and my first Ford so forgive my noobness! :) A couple of weeks back I got myself a 2009 Focus S with 40k miles, I noticed straight away the brakes were squeaking slightly when coming to a stop (seems to start when I hit 30/20 mph). The brakes seem to be working fine and the car drives great, so I left it for a week just to see if it would clear up but it didn't, if anything I'm noticing it more. I dropped it off at the Ford Service garage yesterday and they looked at the car free of charge, apparently the brakes are nearly new and all they did was 'clean' and adjust them. However, on my way to work this morning I noticed the squeaking seems to be worse. It starts as I apply moderate pressure to come to a stop and will squeak until I'm completely still. I notice it usually start around 30/20mph as before. 8 out of 10 times I stop, I'll hear the squeaking. Is this normal if the brake pads are actually fairly new? Will it take a while for the squeaking to stop? I'll probably call them again today just to let them know so it's on record, but thought I'd ask for some advice here. Like I said, I'm a complete noob but hoping to stick around and learn a bit! B)