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  1. Happy Birthday Southbound!

  2. Restoration Project

    It was a complete b@rst@rd to get off, had to drill out the spot welds and undo all of the bolts so that you can physically rip/peel the wing away to reveal that below and behind the headlight it is also spot welded so had to hammer and chisel that away, also under the car it is spot welded too. I put the new wing on using number 8 spire clips and bolts, went back on easily enough, but the wheel has to come off, inside wheel arch protection has to come out and the windscreen wash bottle needs unbolting and moving so that you can get to the two bolts behind the screenwash bottle. Good luck buddy lol....
  3. Restoration Project

    Got the new door and wing fitted on Wednesday, me and my little brother had a crack at it over at my Dad's yard where he customizes and repairs motorbikes and trikes.... The wing and door are a great colour match with the front bumper, bonnet etc but can see the difference on the rear quarter... Hopefully once the side skirts are on at the end of the month the paint job will even it out, my Dads mate who paints the bikes and trikes said he will do it for me too, costs haven't been discussed though :S
  4. The Restoration Project

  5. Restoration Project

    Wow that's a long move from home!!! Got introduced to a fella last night that specialises in Fiesta Zetec-S's and he is gonna have a look at my looky-likey Fiesta electrical problems in a couple of weeks time. He reckons the dash probs could be a loose earth connection but he will go over the car and look for any problems, my mate noticed that i am missing a water deflector under the bonnet as well so need to pick one of them up too... And very kindly the Fiesta bloke is gonna give me a set of side-skirts and fit them for me for nothing too, not that they take much fitting, but jolly well nice of him all the same :)
  6. Restoration Project

    However the paint job on the other hand, if it saves over £1000 then i would let a toddler with a crayon recolour my car :)
  7. Restoration Project

    Haha, the boss has been a good friend for several years, he has always looked out for me :) It's ok having an attractive looking network of friends knowing friends who have friends that will do the job on the cheap from the goodness of their hearts but i still have to look at it honestly/sensibly and say can i trust their work? can they guarantee their work? Have i seen an example of their work? Like my brakes for example, my friends started contacting me saying don't pay for it to be done, it's only two bolts blah blah blah... I would never trust any of my mates with a job like brakes as simple a job as it is, my life and the life of others depends on it, especially the way i drive lol
  8. Restoration Project

    Haha, yeah my boss is a good guy, not the first time i have worked for him, have been through a lot together over the years and he has always looked out for me bless him, still a pain in the backside though lol.... The garage wanted more for the job but i offered to pay cash if they removed VAT and Labour lol, was my bosses idea and i had no cash on me so he coughed it up and i work it off, win win situation for me lol... The guy doing the full car respray is a good friend of a good friend, he wont strip the car right back to the metal but he will rub down the lacquer and give a fresh coat of paint and new lacquer :)
  9. Restoration Project

    Didn't fancy messing with the brakes myself too vital to the car for me lol... Took it to the garage opposite my work and they did it for £60, my boss paid for it for me and just said do 3 hours over-time free of charge to pay him back which was a nice touch :) Have found someone a modified car meet who will rub down my whole car and respray it for £50, all i have to do is supply the paint which is £32, as soon as my new parts are all fitted and i have found some side skirts i will get the paint job done, then it's the alloy refurb, interior lights and dash and some new speakers for the doors and the rear side panel speakers....
  10. Restoration Project

    The lock changing proved to be rather difficult as the door panel doesn't allow decent access to tighten the fixing plate to hold the barrel in place, after extensive tapping with a hammer and punch at obscure angles i got the lock fitted to find that the coil had fallen off during the process, so i imagine Tuesday i will have to remove the lock again, replace the coil, and attempt a refit.... Would have done it tomorrow but unfortunately the brake pad on the passenger side fell off last night so now there is a metal plate grinding against the brake disc so tomorrow the car will be in a garage whilst my bank account gets raped for labour charges :(
  11. Restoration Project

    Slowly getting there with the restoration, i have found that i have less tolerance for motor repairs than i initially thought!!!! I fitted the new rear bumper myself last weekend and was so proud that i managed to unscrew two bolts and two screws that i thought i was a national hero haha, this weekend myself and a few friends had a bash at putting on the new door and wing, we got as far as changing the lock over on the new door before giving up due to the ridiculous amount of faffing about with the fixing plate... As i get ever closer to making the car look good again i am having more and more technical problems with the car.... The overheating problem has magically vanished without the system being tampered with or flushed etc, but i have a new waterpump, thermostat, thermostat gasket and fan belt at work ready to go on the car, just need someone who knows how to fit them, and now my brakes have started making a horrible noise on the passenger side and not just under braking and i have what sounds like wheel bearings shagged out on the driver side.... Just need to come in to some money to solve it all, same boat as everyone else :(
  12. Restoration Project

    And sorry, to answer your question, yeah it has over-heated, i was slowing down at a junction / roundabout on Thursday last week and i noticed steam out the side of the bonnet, that was an impromtu cigarette break on the hard shoulder with the bonnet open whilst the car chilled out for ten minutes :(
  13. Restoration Project

    As it happens i saw a video on the haynes website where they were removing rust and repainting with spray cans and it looked pretty damned good but i don't fancy it myself, the whole car could do with a once over properly i reckon, there's only so much you can do with a bottle of T-Cut haha... It could well be the instrument cluster, but feeling the hoses as the car warms up and the noise the water pump makes i reckon there is an airlock and the waterpump is shagged out, i'm going to back flush the system Saturday just to wash the radiator out etc and leave the water running through whilst i fit the rear bumper just to clean it out and remove any crap and air bubbles that could be blocking it up, i have got a thermostat, water pump and fan belt change planned for the end of the month (pay day to be precise) and also at some point some point between now and pay day a wheel bearing change too. I am gonna put the head gasket change off until next month because i want to get the cam / timing belts, tensioners and pulleys changed at the same time :) After that i think a full service and an FSE billet power boost valve in place of the fuel pressure regulator is on the cards Once that's all done i will have the ECU looked at and possibly remapped, the previous owner had it remapped but i think due to its age and the additional boost valve it will need looking at again, but thats sort of August / September time i imagine. Still gotta solve that dashboard conundrum .....???
  14. Restoration Project

    Yeah got a right result with the parts, once they're on then its alloy refurb, rust removal, paint job..... Endless list............... :S
  15. Restoration Project

    Getting the dents removed on Saturday :) :) :) I was trawling the internet as one does and someone local breaking their Zetec S had the parts i need. As mentioned above i managed to get a new door, front wing and rear bumper for £50, unfortunately the key to the drivers door was sold with the ignition barrell, i followed Resident Loons advice and trawled through eBay and picked myself up the new car door locks for £12.99 inc P&P and next day delivery... :) Hopefully the spire clips and acme screws will be arriving Wed or Thursday so i should be able to drill my wing off Saturday morning and get the new one straight on, i have a knowledgeable friend who is going to fit the parts for free, well i will pick him up some beer but it's as good as free :) However whilst he is in the mood for repairing my car i'm gonna get him to help me flush my system out in case there is an air lock because my temp gauge keeps shooting up to the red and then hitting zero sporadically, as a process of elimination i'm going to flush the system through, check the thermostat at the same time, if it doesn't cure it then i will get a new cap for my coolant tank, failing that i will have to look at the head gasket, but thats a job i don't need to worry about yet...