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  1. Excellent. Thank you. Have ordered one.. Fingers crossed it works 😀 or I can work it 😂
  2. Thanks.. will get one ordered and hopefully all goes well 😊
  3. Thanks everyone for your help. Is formatting a easy process?
  4. I have a mk1 kuga which I've fitted side bars to. Since moving them from one kuga to another I've lost one of the bolts which attaches the bracket to the chassis. There about an inch long with a washer and nut. Any one know what they are called as I have lost the instructions with all the info on
  5. This is the link for the one we have..
  6. It's a non specific ebay buy so no brand name as such. It's a NVR system and the cameras use Wi-Fi to a mini screen. You can also view from the app on the phone. It does mention a HDD in the manual but like I say I clueless about that kind of thing 😂
  7. Hey everyone. Just wondered if anyone here has a home CCTV system? I've just brought a system with 4 cameras with access on the phone too. It doesn't have a hard drive for recording so looking at buying one.. bit haven't clue about hard drives.. anyone able to help?
  8. Oh.... he might be ok. The focus had a couple of rust spots before we moved up so probably didn't catch them in time
  9. Rust was beginning to spread all over even after being treated. The joys of living next to the sea 😔
  10. It needed 2 rear could springs. New brake pad and discs all round and new exhaust.. that was just what we knew of
  11. So after 6 years ownership and clocking up over 100000 miles it is time to say goodbye to the focus. MOT time is due and fixing costs is more than the car is worth. It's last journey took it up to 244356 miles and engine wise everything as excellent. Hopefully the Kuga will do us just as well.
  12. I always have handbrake on and in 1st gear. The driveway slopes to a sheer drop behind the wall to the sea
  13. I'm a lover of honeycomb grilles. I was just wondering if they do one for the mk1 kuga? I can't find one but wasn't sure if they exist?