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  1. Hi, thanks for the replies! Tim
  2. Hi all, I'm thinking about blocking off my EGR valve on my 2004 Mk3 Mondeo duratec. The throttle response has always been "wooly" and I'm hoping to improve it. There's lots of info on doing it on diesels, but hardly any on petrol engines. Has anyone done it, and what was the effect? Thanks! Tim
  3. Looking To Upgrade My Headlights

    I just replaced my bulbs with Philips Xtreme bulbs (Less than £20 on Ebay when I bought them) If your headlamps are in good condition, it's a cheap and easy fix. Osram Nightbreaker are also good. They're cheaper too, but maybe not quite as good as the Philips bulbs. Tim
  4. Poor Throttle Response

    I replaced the MAP sensor and the low speed hesitation now seems to have gone. £16.50 and 30 minutes work! Thanks to all who replied! (And thanks to Ebay for being so cheap!) :D Cheers Tim
  5. If the thermostat is stuck open, you won't get hot air from the heater. Other possibilities are a blocked heater or an air-lock. Have you disconnected part of the cooling system recently? For the cost of a thermostat, I would change it now, before the weather gets much colder. Tim
  6. Poor Throttle Response

    That's ok, I find it all confusing too! My knowlege is more points, carbs and condensors, haha. :D
  7. Poor Throttle Response

    Hi, thanks for the reply. You are correct, no MAF sensor on my car. I mentioned the MAP sensor, (manifold absolute pressure, I think) which takes its place. It goes in the inlet manifold. Cheers Tim
  8. Poor Throttle Response

    Hi, thanks for the reply! Would that show up on a code reader? I've also been told that a faulty map sensor could be to blame. Thanks Tim
  9. Hi all I have a mk3 1.8 petrol Mondeo which is in excellent condition. My problem is that there's a really noticeable "flat spot" below around 2500 rpm. It's like the throttle cable's made of elastic. It starts and runs really well apart from this, so I'm a little mystified! It's had a new coil, plugs and leads and I've cleaned the throttle body and MAP sensor. There aren't any fault codes either, so I don't know where to look next. Any help would be great! Thanks Tim :)
  10. Hi all. Following on from a previous enquiry, I had my thermostat changed today, and discovered that there was no electrical connector on the old one. What purpose does it serve, as I've read different views. I had mine changed in an attempt to improve the in car heating. I was also told that the fan comes on at 89 degrees! I guess the temp sensor is next. Does this measure metal temp, or coolant temp? I've just spoken to my Mechanic again and he said that my car doesn't have any wiring for the electric part of the thermostat either! I'm really confused now, as I thought that all Mondeos like mine had this feature. Any ideas? Thanks! Tim
  11. Will do, probably do the coolant sensor first, as it's the cheapest option! Cheers Tim
  12. Hi, thanks for the reply. If the pump wasn't working, I would expect the car to show signs of over-heating. The fan is coming on before the thermostat has even opened properly at the moment. Cheers Tim
  13. Hi all. I recently had the thermostat replaced in my 1.8 petrol Mondeo, as the heater was taking ages to get warm enough, although the temp gauge climbs to 90 degrees fairly quickly. The garage said that my radiator fan is coming on at only 89 degrees, which may show why the heater isn't great! The temp gauge doesn't change when the fan comes on either, as you may expect it to do. Is there a combined sensor on these cars, as that could provide a reason for these faults, or are they all separate? ie Radiator fan sensor, coolant temp sensor etc. Many thanks Tim