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  1. Mk3 Zetec Estate Rear Wheel Issue

    I couldn't take the wheel off today, couldn't find the sodding locking wheel nut. I've read that the cable can seize etc... so I am hoping a liberal squirt of WD40 may free it up again (if it is that). If not, it's back down the garage for the 2nd time in 2 weeks :-(
  2. Hi Guys, For a while now, I've heard some odd noises from the O/S/R Wheel. Started as a faint 'whoosh' noise but on longer journeys (and more recently) it's more of a squeak or squeal. It stops if I brake and isn't always constant. Seems to do it more when stopping or pulling away. I jacked up the Car this afternoon to have a quick look around (I'm no mechanic but thought I'd might be able to clock something). When I jacked the offending side of the Car up, I had the handbrake on and I could spin the wheel around and around easily. I jacked up the other side, handbrake on and couldn't move the wheel at all. Any ideas what this is? Guessing, from the fact I can spin the wheel it's handbrake related? Cheers.
  3. Reckon that is what I have got wrong with mine. Have read it's a bit of a pig of a job though as the whole manifold needs taking out etc...
  4. Did you find out what this was? Mine has been over-revving for about a week or so. Goes up to 2000-2500rpm on start up then settles down but the rev counter judders about a bit. I can hear an air-leak under the bonnet but my knowledge ain't great, so I've no idea what or where to look at.
  5. Squealing Noise

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, so first post. A few months back I purchased a 2nd hand Mondeo Estate, 52 plate. It had been very well looked after by the previous owner and runs very quietly and well. However, a few weeks ago we went out for the day. Only 20 or so miles up the road but I had 5 people in the Car. On the journey home, I noticed an odd noise when braking & when pulling away in 1st gear. The next day, I took the dog out in the car, not too far and it didn't do it. Since then we went on a longer trip up to North Devon. The Car was fully loaded with 3 adults, our 7 year-old and a boot full of luggage. When we got to within about 30 mins of arriving, I noticed the noise when stopping at a junction. It gradually got worse but only happens when braking or pulling away in 1st gear. This time though it was a proper squeal. We got to the caravan site & to drive over the humps, I put it into 1st gear. The squeal then became constant, until I either stopped the Car or engaged another gear. I left it overnight, used it the next day for a 20 minute drive & didn't hear anything. It seems to happen only when braking/stopping (if I brake in 3rd gear etc.... you don't hear it) in 1st gear and when pulling away in 1st gear. It's not a constant noise, as I've driven the car down the motorway after hearing it and not heard it. It also seems to only happen if the car is under load or if it's been used for over half an hour. Any ideas before I take it to the garage? It's not a desperate thing as like I said, it's not a constant noise. Just a bit annoying not knowing what it is. Cheers.