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  1. thanks for the quick reply Andy
  2. have recently gone to a norauto and searched in the list my focus a mark 2 from 2007 a middle pre facelift ghia and in the battery guide they recommended for intensive electronics the varta f18 its specifications are Batería Varta Silver Dynamic F18 85 Ah 800A Performance Data Voltage: 12 Capacity: 85 Cold Cranking Amps: 800 A im wondering if overhauling capacity and cold cranking amps would be an issue has anyone tried this one? thank you
  3. llutxo

    Focus Mk2 Bluetooth Issues

    Installed a 2 hand module and solved the audio Muted problem so the jumper start fried the old one. I still can't start the car but I seems as if the battery no longer responds. in a day having it charged to 12,4 it already is in 11.6 so ill have to purchase a new one what are the original batteries for a focus mk2 1.8 ghia?(varta silver calciu an what else?)then ill try to reset the errors and if immobilizer still doesn't want me to start ill have to start thinking about pats and fobs codes. still waiting for my new elm327 cable as I presume a faulty connection in the Interface could be clouding some tests results Enviado desde mi iPhone con Ford OC
  4. llutxo

    Focus Mk2 Bluetooth Issues

    i worry about because the car doesnt want to start up!! can anyone help mee? preee are you there?
  5. llutxo

    Focus Mk2 Bluetooth Issues

    look in the manual for descriptions on fuses 104,108 and 112 from the interior fuses box as i can remember you have to extract two fuses at the same time 112 and 108(not sure about the numbers) there you can see how the fuses box looks like that thanks andy monty as he is the original member that posted that photo in this topic http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/30154-factory-daytime-running-lights-focus-mk2-mk25-c-max/page-4 so I'm getting it I remember it was the blue one over the higher red one selected the one of 15 amps and the lower from the more left column that is 10 amps. you could also remove the positive from the batt from some time attention both methods will reset some modules but the second one will reset more stuff and is less recommended. Also you will need the radio code because on resetting it will prompt for you to enter it . I meanwhile have the same problem and by the time and after going to the dealership more close to my location they told me that its the more sensitive module for a peak on voltage have you recently had a flat batt or a jumper start?. I found a module bought from second hand as a brand new one costs 280€ only the module .because module didn't respond to any obd2 program Im trying to change it and reprogram it with the as built data Ill keep you posted if have any success have you already sort this out? anyone can help us out with another procedure or how-to? I have a lot of questions for example DTC codes in instruments cluster are d900 and e510 and also the light code from the esp is flashing 1:6 (can bus communication error) Im getting a lot of u1900 errors (can bus communication errors) in different modules also errors u2510 in ipc module (Communication error between the instrument cluster and the PCM (no response)) and u2202 on abs/esp module(another can communication error) is it possible to the car to refuse to start because of this? is it possible that changing the SRM module will solve this problem as its right now unplugged? are modules conected in the can-bus on a serial way or either the instruments cluster or the pcm has any information of a srm module and not dettecting it will cause this faults? could this errors be caused cause a faulty elm327 interface?