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  1. Brake warning light on

    Brilliant, thank you for your help! Can relax now haha
  2. Brake warning light on

    Hi, live got a mk1.5 1.6 Ford Focus. i was driving home tonight and noticed the brake warning light was on. It's constant and not flickering. There's no abs light. Just this one. However it's very faint.. Is it a common problem that there's a loose connection somewhere? If I put the handbrake on it comes on brightly as you'd expect. ive checked the fluid once the engine was cold and there's plenty in there, ive also since taken it for a drive and stamped on the brakes and it stops fine. The pads look okay, but not 100 sure. I've read online there's a wear indicator in the pads that could active the light? thanks for any advice. Chris
  3. MK1.5 Misfiring? Coil?

    Finally got round to trying it today, changed the coil from my other car. Runs perfect. Problem solved. 👍🏻
  4. MK1.5 Misfiring? Coil?

    Hi, Ive got a 53 Plate Mk1.5 1.6 with 70000 Miles on the clock. Its recently started to cut in and out under acceleration from a cold start and under hard acceleration. Im assuming its misfiring, my first thought was the coil as my old focus did similar things and i changed that and it was fine. But when the car is at running temperature its far less common for it to occur and when it does its not as bad. The car runs fine at speed and will sit at 70mph and above.. ;) perfectly fine. Its also struggling to start on a cold start as well. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you, Chris
  5. Few Questions...

    How hard is it and what would I have to change to run st170 clocks with the oil gauges in a standard zetec? Also looking at putting a TDCI Sprort half leather interior in, are they heated? Apologies if these are newb questions!
  6. Help Please

    Thank for you everyone for your help, problem solved! :) changed the coil! :)
  7. Help Please

    Right.. Had a look today, the plugs were all at 1mm changed them to 1.3 as according to the Haynes manual, ran like dog dirt changed them back to 1mm missfire still there, the leads seem okay, haven't checked the coil yet. However you asked about the fault codes. The engine management light has been on for a while since I changed the cat, I've taken it off and it comes back. It's because it doesn't like the cat that's on. Ran fine like that for a long while. Ran the dash trick like you said.. 9318. I googled it.. Aparently my battery voltage is low. Now cant see this effecting the missfire thiugh, so looks like it wants a new battery now to! -.-
  8. Help Please

    Just to add some more to this, I took for a run earlier tonight. Wasn't long but it had to be done, anyway it was long enough for it to get to running temp. Started from cold all normal. When I set off to come back (still at running temp) was fine, dropped onto the a1, acellerated fine, got up to speed and then you could feel a slight judder as before but at speed.. Still would agree sounds like plugs or coil. Just thought I'd add more info
  9. Help Please

    I hope it's not that, it's had a new cat and manifold, and both lambda probes was changed. And that's around a year ago
  10. Help Please

    That's everyone. I'll b checking it all tomorrow!
  11. Help Please

    Hi everyone, I've got a 51 plate focus 1.6 petrol, and it's developed a fault recently. When i pull off, it's juddering till I'm above 2000 rpm, it doesn't matter what gear and if I'm just pulling into a street without stopping it still does it. The easiest way to describe it, is its like its missing or the throttles cutting in and out. I've tried recently driving really gentley and I doesn't seem to be as bad. However if I floor it, it's got no pick up at all. It does the same thing.. I'm assuming it's a fuelling or ignition issue. Anyone have any idea what it could be? Thank you for your help in advance. Chris
  12. St170 Interior Into Standard Car

    Got ya. Thanks :)
  13. St170 Interior Into Standard Car

    Me and wires don't go together that well., lol. I'll just leave it not hooked up or not bother changing the interior
  14. St170 Interior Into Standard Car

    As I thought then. Might just get one and not hook it up
  15. As title really, thinking of buying a st170 interior for my car. But the front seats are heated aren't they? And they aren't in my lx.. Just wondered if you are able to transplant the interior over