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  1. Mine was sorted when it when in for its first service. They 'reset' the device, they did a complete firmware reset better than we can do. Hopefully yours well get sorted as well.
  2. My Mondeo

  3. Welcome, be interesting to see what your ford dealer says :)
  4. Ok thanks for the info. We see what happens :)
  5. I will get them to look at it when its due its first service, which won't be long end of June.
  6. My New Titanium X Business Edition

    It is a lovely colour. When picking it I also liked black, but wanted to something a bit different and saw the Focus ST in the same colour and thought it would like nice with the chrome extras. When it arrived I was pleased made the choice. My daughter wasn't she wanted Yellow (shes only 6!)
  7. Thanks both all sorted now. Shame the DAB still isn't working :(
  8. My New Titanium X Business Edition

    Thanks mate, it reminds me of the old sporty types :)
  9. I did reset my system settings on the DAB unit hoping this would have solved the issue (it didn't) and now the SatNav has gone back to Kilometers. I did work it out last time, but can't remember. I tried setting Imperial/standard via the steering wheel/stick control but this made no difference. Can someone remind me how to change it back to Miles? Ta muchly.
  10. My New Titanium X Business Edition

    No its Deep Impact Blue :)
  11. Hello!

    Thanks Bruce :)
  12. My New Titanium X Business Edition

    My estate version has just hit the 10k mark, I got my delivered on the 20th Dec 2013 so not bad miles so far and I can say the engine has got better with age! Has loosened up quite a bit.
  13. Mine has also done this, DAB has stopped working completely. Tried the usual reset, but no luck. It will be coming up with its first service soon, so I was hoping they will have a look for me! did enjoy listening to the 80 and 90 DAB channels!
  14. Hello!

    Hi all, My name is Darren and I have been a ford owner for a number of years and currently on my 6th Mondeo :) I have currently a 63 titanium X business edition estate 2.0 (163) in the lovely looking Deep Impact Blue (SR/XR Blue I call it). Its a company car, so cant do any upgrades but looking to speak to other owners on here. My wife as a 58 titanium 1.6 raspberry fiesta, this is her 3rd one so you could say we both ford fans :o) Cheers Daz