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  1. kpat

    Heads Up! Cheap Oil and Stuff in Tesco

    £20+ was for the Ford spec stuff. The other Shell Helix was an absolute bargain at £18+ per litre.
  2. kpat

    Heads Up! Cheap Oil and Stuff in Tesco

    It certainly is. But I'm an oil snob. BTW. Shell Helix Synthetic at my local Shell service station, over £20 per litre! Now that is a rip off.
  3. kpat

    Heads Up! Cheap Oil and Stuff in Tesco

    "Fully synth £6/2 litre instead of £12. £12 for 2 litres was overpriced. I can get Valvoline Synpower at £6 a litre at my local motor factors.
  4. kpat

    Ford ka start up problem

    Also check the drive belt tension to start with.
  5. kpat

    Air Conditioning Blew Up!

    If the air con pipes are open to atmosphere for any reason then a new accumulator should be fitted before re-gassing. Moisture will have entered the system and the accumulator desiccant efficiency will be reduced. The moisture could cause icing and blockage at the orifice tube in hot weather and will also corrode the system.
  6. kpat

    Which is the best petrol

    I've been using Shell vpower for a few hundred miles now to clean up the fuel system. Not a Focus but I recently put in a new Lambda sensor and shone a torch down the empty sensor boss. I could see right into the cat and not a speck of carbon or dirt anywhere. Like it had just left the factory.The old lambda sensor was just slightly brown.
  7. No thermostat! Who would have thought. That explains the no flow because there would be no pressure differential across the heater hoses. They are barely an inch apart on the thermostat housing. Well done!
  8. With the power supply unplugged it should force the HCV to fully open. Then you know you have a supply voltage problem.
  9. If both hoses going to HCV are red hot that is odd because with the heater fan running full on the "return" hose should be cooler. It seems the HCV is in cold mode and the hot water hoses are by-passing? Try with the power supply to the HCV unplugged.
  10. Lower one to the left. Upper to the right. That is correct.
  11. I'm no expert but- blocked heater core? Try flushing it out?
  12. I have used cataclean after an MOT fail and it got the emissions down from .273 to .110. The MIL light was still on because I didn't reset it and I continued to run the car for about 400 miles on Shell V power then the MIL went out by itself. That was 3 months ago and it hasn't come back on since.
  13. kpat

    What to look for

    Streetkas are not like normal Kas. Although they have areas that can corrode the floorpan and sills are bombproof. This is from the Ford workshop manual : General design features As, for functional reasons, a cabriolet body has a roof construction that is not integrated into the body structure, the floor pan and the A-pillars must be provided with additional reinforcements. The A-pillars or the front roof frame have been reinforced primarily for reasons of passenger protection (vehicle rollover). Two rollover bars are firmly mounted to the bodywork behind the seats as a further passive safety feature. The body has been reinforced in particular in the rocker panel area. The rocker panels in conjunction with the adjacent body assemblies form a reinforced box-type structure, preventing body weakness in the event of high stresses. These so-called composite connections provide a solid body pan structure. General body reinforcement areas Underbody Steel panels No high strength steel panels are used on the Streetka. The high rigidity of the body is achieved by means of individual panel thicknesses of up to 2.5 mm and by special shaping of the statically important body panels and body components. In the rocker panel area, this results in a total composite material thickness of up to 6 mm. Panel layers and shaping in the rocker panel area Corrosion prevention measures Body components at risk of corrosion are zinc plated on both sides. PVC coating A permanently elastic PVC coating is applied to areas of the floor pan at risk of corrosion, protecting these in particular against mechanical influences such as stone chipping Wax injection All the profiles of the floor pan as well as the cavities of pillars, rocker panels and frame side members are sealed with cavity wax Seam sealing and bonding Joint areas of doors, hood and rear lid are adhesively bonded and sealed by means of clinched flange sealing. Penetration of moisture is prevented thereby, significantly improving corrosion protection. A critical corrosion area is the front subframe mounts just behind the wheel hubs. I caught the problem early and treated the rust before it got any worse.