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  1. Galaxy (2010 On) Door Trim Removal

    Thanks for your suggestions and links. I will tackle the job sometime this week. Paul.
  2. Galaxy (2010 On) Door Trim Removal

    Hi James Thanks for your response. I obviously haven't been clear enough in my description. What's loose is I think what you're describing as the 'grab handle' - the one you use to close the door from the inside. One end of it, the forward end, is loose - actually I think it's not attached at all. That's what I want to fix. Thanks again, Paul.
  3. Hello everyone. Just bought the 2010 Galaxy and noticed something I should have seen before I bought it. The near-side rear door interior handle is loose at the forward end. Can anyone give me a rundown of how to remove the trim panel and tighten up the handle? I don't want to use brute force and ignorance and regret it afterwards. Many thanks for your help. oudiuk.