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  1. i have a transit connect 1.8 tddi 75bhp which is slow when fully loaded, as it is fully loaded most the time i was thinking about a remap, better ecu chip or anything really that will improve the performance a little bit. can you help with any ideas or info???? thanks in advance.
  2. fitting new stereo

    i have a fransit connect with this stereo As i needed a cd player my gf bought me this off ebay. i no it wont go straight in as there is a size difference but i have seen pics of newer connects and they have these stereos in now. is there away i can get it in mine. what would i need 2 do or is it even possible. thanx pete
  3. transit connect

    my 03 transit connect t220 1.8 tddi has been stood for quite some time. ran fine before it was layed up. when ive come to use it again it wouldnt start. i have replaced the battery after i couldnt get it to start off jump leads and it still wont start off the key. its not even trying to start. it will work if you bump it down a hill and it runs fine. could this have anything to do with the key or is it more likely to be the starter motor? any help will be great as i need this van fighting fit for work :(