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  1. Ford Fusion Cuts Out

    Thought I would post an update on my fusion cutting out every now and again. I've read an article stating that the fusion has inherited the problem from the fiesta which also cuts out at times at junctions etc. So this is a common fault and clearly one that Ford know about but obviously won't admit.
  2. Plastic Side Window Panels

    Yes those are the ones right in the middle though it looks like the glue that connects the clips to the panel is just worn out. I'll have another look at a panel that's still solid. :)
  3. Plastic Side Window Panels

    We've had three fusions and all three have had a problem with the black side panels coming loose and flapping around. Its quite expensive to replace especially as all four become loose after time. Im getting to the point of just super gluing the things into place. Any one else had this or are we just jinxed lol
  4. Ford Fusion Cuts Out

    Hi, my Fusion is doing exactly the same thing. I have a bit of history though which may help. I had my cam belt changed but in the process of doing it the mechanics couldn't get the main bolt out, after a while and having to cut the bolt they were able to change the belt. After that was done my engine would just cut out going round corners but as the previous poster said not frequently. I had sensors put on and the engine checked but nothing was found. So they decided to strip it back down to the cam belt and start again just to make sure nothing was damaged etc. Well this has made the issue considerably worse. Its going back in on Tuesday but we had to get a new code for the radio as the one that was with the manual did not work so we went to our local Ford dealership to get one, while there we asked one of the head mechanics if they had any idea. So he jumped in and took it for a spin ( (cut out on him and then he made it happen several times) and his diagnosis was that the cam timer is out. Now this is probable for my case due to my issues starting after the cam belt was changed. I'll certainly mention to my mechanic about the crank sensor, idle control valve as well as the cam timing. Fingers crossed you get your car sorted as i hope mine will be.