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  1. Has our 2003 Streetka got the same headlight units as the same aged normal KA? Reason for asking I need to get a couple of new ones, as the ones on the wife's Streetka is scratched to bugger? Cheers...
  2. 3 Button Key Fob Advice !

    Stooge75 not sure what your trying to tell me bud.. Sorry could you explain more please. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. Help or advice please.. The wife's 2003 Streetka key fob has never worked on the remote locking, replaced the battery. Reprogrammed the key.... Still nothing? Using the key in the door it unlocks both doors ok but no bleep or indicators flashing from the immobiliser. How can I establish what the problem is, a central locking/alarm module of the key fob its self etc. I know this is a tough ask, but im running out of options and having to keep opening the boot from the inside every time is driving the wife mad.... Thanks
  4. Remote Locking And Alarm

    I've a 2003 streetka, and the key fob don't work. On using the key in the lock it unlocks both doors but that's all? Replaced the battery in the fob for a new one, reprogrammed the fob... Still nothing!! I don't get no bleeping from the alarm, flashing of the indicators... Could it be the Central Locking/Alarm Reciever Module. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  5. Clunk/bang Around The Front Right Wheel?

    So if I look for 2003 Fiesta roll bar rubbers, these will be the right ones to get bud?
  6. Clunk/bang Around The Front Right Wheel?

    delboy, It sounds like I've got the same problem with the wife's Streetka. Which anti roll bar rubbers do I go for on a 2003 car. Been searching for ages on line and starting to get confused?