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  1. Happy Birthday mrdanedwards!

  2. A14 / M6 Drive This Evening

    I finished my Wedding at about 7:30 - 8:00 so the A14 / M6 would have been anywhere between 9:00 and 10:00pm We did pass a few Fiestas, hooted at them, but they weren't interested in playing chase hahaha Not the same wedding I hope? Cant bare the thought of meeting a member and not knowing about it - Was in Stow-!Removed!-Quay, a pub called 'The Missing Sock' ... Small world if it was :o I'm guessing the guy wasn't a FOC member, but he did grin and chuckle a lot during our drive - should get me a FOC sticker, then he'd know where to find us all haha Dan
  3. I think its bad if they are in an unmarked car ... BUT (as has been pointed out), I think if you are speeding, then you are breaking the law, you are speeding and you deserve to be fined for it. Whether you were warned in advance about the camera or not, you are still breaking the law. Its a tough one though, because I sort of agree that there should be signed if they are going to sit and get you with a portable camera. Entrapment is the wrong word though, they aren't encouraging you to speed and then getting you haha Dan
  4. AF11 JDX (possibly JOX) White 3 door fiesta - My guess would be a 1.6 Turbo Diesel or any petrol model (maybe even an S), either way, it had a fair bit more umph than my little 1.4 haha Either way, had blacked out rear windows and as far as I could tell that was the only mod - whatever it was, it was a VERY fun 1 1/2 hour drive and made a very boring drive home from a gig much more interesting for me. Hope you had fun too. There was lots of light flashing and hazard light flashing, so I assume it was fun haha, would be cool if you lived close by, as we got off at the same motorway junction Dan
  5. My Fez Named Melissa :)

    Hey Dan, first off - this is a VERY nice build thread and has given me a few ideas for mine - mainly the first things that you did (painting the interior from the silver to blue, then to white haha) Can I ask though - how much (roughly) would you say that you've spent on this car, and has it been worth it vs getting a nicer spec fiesta in the first place? (ie would it have been worth buying an ST instead of pimping up the current one you have?) Looks VERY nice though, I love it :) Dan
  6. My 2006 Focus Mk2 Project

    Its looking really good so far - I'm starting my own build thread on my Fiesta and the light mod tutorial has gotten me really excited about it :D Please upload more pics and keep us informed of the build :) Dan
  7. New Speed Camera's Coming To Town

    Thats crazy - great read though, very interested in the laws that surround these types of cameras and how many people will try to appeal against fines? I've not looked yet, but assume that there are sections on the forum for such issues (appealing fines, speeding etc etc?) Any official news as to when these will be 'in full effect' ? Dan
  8. FOC Age group Poll!

    What a way to make me feel nice and old haha Glad to see we have quite a mixed audience though - lots of healthy mixed up opinions for the discussion on here :) Be interesting to see the cars driven by the mixed age group though - see if age groups and cars have correlations? Dan
  9. My First Mod...

    This is one of the first things I want to do when I pick mine up - Cant decide on a colour yet haha Looks really good though, you're right, it makes a mega difference Dan
  10. Hello one and all :) After years and years of having '£500 bangers' which I run into the ground and have no real care for, I have taken my first steps into being a proper grown up and got myself a '12 plate 1.4 Zetec Fiesta (Its the 70bhp model, is a diesel and is in white) I'm Dan, 27 and from Worcester, Warndon VIllages to be more exact - I pick my car up on Friday so I'll upload some pictures to my account at the weekend. The car has done 45k and has only 1 previous owner - I'm really chuffed as I got a great finance deal when I traded in my old '52 Clio. I work as a broadcast engineer and often commute to Watford for several weeks in a row so am really looking forward to the increased MPG that I shoul get from this car. I have some plans on how I want to redecorate the car - a few mods here and there so aim to start a 'build thread' so that people can follow my progress and can suggest best ways to get the look that I want for my car without spending lots of money and/or ruining the car haha Thanks in advance for all the help that I'll get and the general banter that I'm sure will ensue. I also work as a magician, so be ready for lots of that in the 'social' part of this forum too :) Dan