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  1. I did get it sorted, something to do with the fuel pump, had the volume valve changed but there was still a fault, got it fixed very expensive repair, I later found out the mechanic I went to was not recommended, so do your research, difficulty I had was not many diesel specialists near me and I wasn't willing to pay Ford to take a look. I got rid of the car afterwards, as car had constant problems.
  2. Thanks for responding, I have done the self diagnostic but no DTC codes came up, I don't really want to pay Ford for them to tell me the same thing, no OBD code so nothing wrong, however the communication error might be something, I remember something being written down but have lost the bit of paper it was something communication bus... Will have to look it up on line.
  3. I own a Ford Focus CC3 2008 2.0 tdci and for a while now have been experiencing engine malfunction on dash. Recently had fuel filter changed twice, fuel volume valve replaced, egr cleaned and dpf replaced, the message is still coming up. Now it's not showing any fault codes and seems to only come on when the car has warmed up and when idle, drives fine and the message will sometimes go out but once I stop it beeps at me again. I have also changed the air filter. Took it to a diesel specialist and they say nothing showing up when they stick it on the computer, I asked if I should take it to Ford but he said they use their software. Also if I put my foot down the esp light comes and stays on. Any ideas what this might be? Appreciate any feedback Thanks Kylie
  4. Hi all, I'm new to this forum but hope you lovely people can help me. I recently went to a garage and found out my hose/pipe for the turbo was damaged and needs replacing, the garage quoted me £200 for parts and labour, I then went to another garage and was advised that if I buy the part they will fit it. I visited Ford parts and was quoted £95 for the part and thought that was a little on the expensive side and so thought I would look online, the gentleman would not give me the part number but said it was called the air duct, I've had a look online at intercooler pipe and air duct and am now confused and need a little help with finding out what this part is called so I order the right part. I have included a picture. My car is 2008 Ford Focus CC-3 2.0 Tdci reg LS58 AEY I hope someone can help. Many thanks Kylie