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  1. Speaker Upgrade

    Yeah there seems to be no ryhme or reason to the different versions of audio units and speaker set up fitted in zetecs. I'm just gonna get a top drawer amp and speakers fitted front and back. ...
  2. Speaker Upgrade

    Your right,there is conflicting answers everywhere...I just popped into the main dealer and spoke to their main mechanic and he said just install rear speakers ,the headunit will pick them up and the fader will come up no problem..but like you say its a hit or miss job !!
  3. Speaker Upgrade

    Hi all...right,looking to install new speakers etc in my 2009 fiesta zetec S..I just have the standed head unit and front speakers..would like to upgrade the front and add rear speakers also. I have no fader and after looking through forums there is a lot of conflicting answers saying I need to have the car configured to accept 6 speakers..some people say just install the rear speakers and they'll work some people say they wont....anyone had any experience with this problem ??
  4. Speaker Upgrade

    Mat your a star mate....thanks for the advice and info....Cheers mate!!
  5. Speaker Upgrade

    Ok mate..thanks for the advice. Maybe I'll just get the 4 speakers then..I wont have much control without the fader,but should still sound like I would like it.. Do you have a link to the speakers you recommend ?
  6. Speaker Upgrade

    Its a MK7 ,a built in one..I have about 400 to spend and to be honest mate,Im not looking for anything fancy or loud..just an upgrade to improve the quality of sound..thats why a small sub under the seat would do me I think,just to take the strain off the main speakers..but as you can tell its been a while since Ive upgraded a system
  7. Speaker Upgrade

    Thanks for replying Mat..I have just the blank mounts in the back and have been advised on the work needed to fit them..with no fader,I'm just trying to decide wither to add the rear speakers or just upgrade the front set and add a sub..
  8. Speaker Upgrade

    Hi all....looking for some feedback...I've got a 2009 Zetec S with standed head unit and front speakers,and I would like to upgrade the speakers and also add a couple in the back. I have no fader control in the audio menu which seems odd... some people say it will automatically appear when rear speakers are added,and some people say I have to have a software update..Ive even phoned 3 Ford dealers and not getting a direct answer. All I want is to upgrade the speakers to improve the quality of sound,nothing too ear bashing ..maybe add a small sub under the passenger seat ,and have fader control...
  9. Had the same problem...just replaced the bonnet latch !!