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  1. Evening, I have a '13 plate MK4 Estate 2.0 TDCI which has always had an unsettled/crashy ride however it comes and goes. Tracking and balancing (twice) are all spot on after having them done last week (the ride was poor prior to this anyway). Last year, I replaced all four tyres with Toyo Proxes CF2's. Tyre size being 215/55/R16 93V. When they were replaced, the tyre fitted said one wheel had a slight buckle and he would put it on the back. After having the tracking, balancing and tyres swapped from front to back the concern is still there. As a precaution, I swapped the wheels again and I was getting bounced around through the seat so I swapped the drivers side again but left the passenger side alone. This cured the poor ride quality through the seat and transferred to the front/steering, albeit nowhere near as bad. I've read around on forums suggesting that the problem might be the tyres, suggesting they are replaced with Conti Premium 5's. Or the wheel could be buckled. At the moment, I've ordered a new wheel to see if that is the concern (ideal to have a full size spare stored away). Failing that it must be the tyres. Could they have such a huge impact on ride quality? Cheers
  2. Morning folks, I've had my 13 plate Mondeo for over two months now and within the last month I've noticed a squeak which sounds as though it's coming from the NSF. It only happens when I go over a small pothole or into the edge of a drain (where the tarmac starts to roll down towards the drain itself). You can only hear it when the windows are open but you can imagine in this weather, I'm driving around a lot like this and the nose is both irritating and embarrassing. I've had the car back to the dealers who first stripped down the NSF strut, reseated and greased everything which didn't cure it. I then had it back last week where they replaced the shockers but still, I'm left with an annoying squeak. Thoughts on what it could be?
  3. Supermarket Diesel Ok?

    My previous car (Qashqai 1.5dci) suffered terribly if I used supermarket fuels, lack of power, chugging, poor MPG etc. Regular diesel from the major firms was a little bit better. I tend to use Shell V-Power diesel which I've found I get better MPG, a quieter engine and better in-gear acceleration which to me offsets the extra costs.
  4. Anyone Else Heard Of This..??

    Sounds a bit like snake oil to me. A turbo will fail prematurely due to lack of maintenance for example, not adhering to service schedules, not allowing the engine to return to idle for about 30 seconds before switching off etc, not how dirty it is. A garage may advise on changing a turbo, usually when there is too much play on the main shaft. Having a turbo explode is a major pain in the behind.
  5. Renewal Time - Taking The Mick?

    I've been with Chris Knott for years. 10+ years NCB, no points, no mods (yet) and I've paid on average £440 a year fully comp with the Wife and Dad on as named drivers (I'm 30 BTW). Other firms have offered cheaper premiums but I prefer to deal with CK as it feels to me, a more personal service than some of the bigger firms.
  6. Tyre Recommendations.

    Thanks for the input chaps. Today the missus and I popped over to Costco and I had a spy at their prices, hopefull that a set of Michelin's would've been cheaper as the grip on the premacy's are very good. More expensive than blackcircles so that is out of the question. On another note, has anyone used 'Tyre Leader' before? They appear to be based in Germany and ship the tyres over to a local fitting centre (similar to blackcircles, mytyres etc) but their taxes are lower, hence lower prices. I've no problem with ordering things from the Continent (I do it for beer most of the time ;) ). Cheers.
  7. How Do!

    Thanks for the welcome folks. So far I've covered 300 miles this week and the only gripe I have is that there is a wobble from the rear between 70-80mph (already posted in the tyre forum..), other than that it is a fantastic amount of car for the money. I'm busy pricing up roof bars, window tinting for the rear and maybe even an ecu upgrade. Cheers!
  8. Tyre Recommendations.

    Hello, I am looking for tyre recommendations for my 13-plate Mondeo estate. Tyre size is 215/55/R16. The car currently has Michelin Premacy on the front which were replaced 8k miles ago and are down to 3mm, the rear has Hankook's which are about the same. I know that the same tyre on a different vehicle will wear differently. I've previously ran Toyo Proxes on other cars and find them to have a good balance of grip and durability. They usually last me around 15k miles. Can anyone make any recommendations? Cheers.
  9. How Do!

    Afternoon folks, newbie here. Last week I bought a 13-plate Mondeo Zetec 2.0 TDCI Estate having previously owned 2 Qashqai's. The change is more neccessity and so far I'm very pleased with it. It is the first Ford I have owned and I plan on keeping it until it dies. I come from a Saab background but since GM had other ideas I've had to look elsewhere. Cheers!