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  1. landy39


    well got car back ...... was still running rough so done a procedure that a ford tech told me to do and she's running sweet again...... it was all to do with the injector learning it's new fuel input .... happy days.
  2. landy39


    yeah .... but I just wanted to know know just incase ......
  3. landy39


    Can FORScan recode injectors ..... ?
  4. Well 320 quid lighter injector fitted.... still a little problem with it ....fine on tick over but sputters when revved....get to 1500 and fine ....called the garage they recommend putting new fuel filter in ..back to the garage tomorrow it is then. Question ...... does the ECU have to go through a learning "phase" when a new injector is fitted or should it just run fine. As it gets warmer it gets better but on a morning it rattles bit like diesel knock till it warms up...
  5. the garage belongs to my step-brother though we don't talk ..... however he heard of my problem through my father and got in touch offering to recover to his, and charge me only what is needed to repair the car ..... and offer i'd be daft to refuse if i'm honest .... get's picked up Monday.
  6. yeah does seem a bit of a coincidence ..... just been out and checked the plugs and wiring ...nowt to see .... plugs all nice and tight sign's of chafing ...... looks like it could be the injector ...... back to the garage ...but not the one it went into last .... don't you just love fords.
  7. read with FORscan ...... runs like a bag of hammers and in limp mode.
  8. Can anyone point me where to start looking...... Fault code P1264-cylinder #4 high to low side fault. 2011 ford focus 1.6 tdci many thanks in advance.
  9. Update ...... got car back all running sweet and sound........Happy days.
  10. so true bud ...they have had 3 other mechie's look at it and they all missed it ,plus a sparkie to look at the wiring just incase ...... fingers crossed it sorted soon.
  11. Well after a week of having my car the garage finally think what's up with my car ........ the sensor plate behind the the bottom pulley has a chunk missing .... how this was missed is beyond me .... so now they are awaiting a replacement.
  12. but they weren't on when it went in to the garage ...... car was fine with no lights on and running sweet ..... only went in because i'd reached 100,000 mile and wanted the cam belt doing.
  13. Well phoned the garage dealing with the car ,they have replaced the crank shaft sensor but the stop start button is still lit up and the light with a car with skid lines behind it is lit up ...... they are now waiting for auto electric's to have a look at it.
  14. Update ...... car back with the garage ..... been there since Tuesday ...... and only now(today) are they going to get a ford crankshaft sensor,after trying 3 after market units which failed to start the engine ..... and according to the manger of the garage the other faults that show are linked to the faulty crankshaft sensor ...... is it possible.
  15. yep.... just plugged my comp in and code read it ....... P0335:38-2E ....... P0556:00-2E these were in the PCM and U0401:00-68 in the ABS