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  1. Stop Start

    Mine does the same. If I'm sat somewhere for 5 minutes though I'd be turning the engine off completely anyway.
  2. Just Passed My Test

    I shouldn't laugh but he probably has. Every time I see an ST I wanna kick my ZS. :( Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. Few New Treats For The Mk7 :)

    The car looks sweet but I agree, lose that horrible tow rope thing. It just doesn't look right.
  4. First Service

    This isn't even on the Haynes website site.. I'd also like to know where you purchased.
  5. Window Rolling Back.. Help

    Thanks. I reset the bounce back and it's working fine again now. Wonder why it did that though all of a sudden? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. 2014 Fiesta Zetec S.. Passenger window is rolling back down to almost fully open when it hits the top seal, and now I can't get it to close. Any ideas?
  7. Decision Time

    If it wasn't for the rust I'd say get it fixed. No matter how much welding you do, the car will forever be falling apart.
  8. Sitting Low.. Too Low I Think.

    I'm done with modding after the consequences of "tastefully" modding my old Saxo. Lower suspension, thinner tyres, bigger alloys.. It's not worth the extra stress and strain it puts on the car, and the cost of repairs as a result. In fact it's a nightmare. But it looks nice. ^_^
  9. New Car.. Within The Week!! :d

    I was looking at the Hot Mustard but I.. I just didn't have the courage so I went with Frozen White .. there's definitely something about it but Leroy's looks sweet! I ordered my Zetec S at the same time and was told last week that it's on it's way to the dealership! Also factory built with 17" wheels, Convenience Pack, and Privacy glass. :)
  10. Fiesta Options

    Yep. I don't think it was originally but it certainly is now. I've got a Zetec S lease on the way and I think it was an extra £3 a month or something.
  11. Just Passed My Test

    Listen to Matt and get a cheap little run around just to ease your way back into driving. Or take the Skill for Life IAM membership at £139 and pass the advanced driving test - the statistics speak for themselves. If not - go easy!