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  1. I currently have a fiesta st3 but my mileage means a diesel will be more economic - 7.5k miles in 4 months ownership. I'm toying with either the 2l 150ps titx or the st3, extras and toys about equal . My husband says a sports diesel is like an oxymoron lol, it can't happen. I've never so much as even driven a diesel so can't understand . Help Sell me one or the other
  2. I'm after a fiesta for my son as a cheap first car for him to potter about in, now I'm sure some fiestas came with a chain rather than a rubber cambelt, but I can't remember which ones. Help
  3. I don't think there's a setting for house number, only postcode.
  4. Many many thanks for the tips so far, they are welcomely appreciated. I'm getting nervous about the trip already and have visions of having to reverse for miles to find a passing point lol What's the correct etiquette for blind corners of country lanes? Is it a polite beep before I take it or just take it slow and steady and just hope for not a speeding motorist coming the other way?
  5. I've got a massive 300+ mile (600+ round trip) 5hr journey planned for this week. I'm after tips for driving extremely long distances / driving in Cornwall, I've heard roads are extremely narrow in places. Are there any wildlife havens such as in the new forest I should know about? I don't think it's still tourist season? Or is it? Any tips welcomely received
  6. Can guarantee as well if you tuck back in behind them they'll then slow down again to a crawl...
  7. I don't like the Vauxhall that tried his utter best to kill me this morning........ We're on a 60nsl road, he's pootling along at 35... So I moved to overtake him, there's a tiny HGV I'm the distance about 3/4 of a mile away on the dead straight road... He then puts his foot down once I'm alongside him! I had to floor it to finish the manoeuvre in time and then brake harshly to avoid hitting any traffic now in front! I'm seriously contemplating reporting the !Removed! for dangerous driving! Btw I slowed down to 25 to 'get my own back'
  8. Sorry but that is utter BS! I am with DL and they covered me on my modded fiesta TX no worries at all
  9. laumk7


    @Chuw @Admin You might want to remove the vin from that photo...
  10. On the school run in rely on being let out, otherwise I'm not going to be going anywhere! I find drivers on the whole extremely courteous to me and my ST. Top tip: always always say thank you otherwise they're unlikely to let you out again...
  11. I do like that my son passed his theory yesterday with flying colours, and I also like ordering two boxes of 200 coffee sachets for my work place as their machines don't offer decaf as a black coffee option.
  12. My husband developed an app for his workplace off his own back, made them over a million...
  13. How much? My SIL might be interested. Out of curiosity, also how old is the tyre?
  14. It was a 125 zetec s, other thing I missed apart from acceleration up hill was cruise control, I missed the bucket seats as I generally lolopped into the car without them. I also missed heavily keyless technology. No way would I swap my st3 for a lower car now
  15. I've got a zetec s as a courtesy car at the moment, I'll be honest with you, I can't wait to get my ST back. Accelerating uphill is one of these reasons, there's a stretch on the m4 motorway where it links the m5 and m48. This has a gradient to it, not much but it's there and I had my foot planted all the way down overtaking two lorries in this 1 Lane section of the m5. The ST would've found that a breeze, I personally won't be taking a backwards step lol
  16. Being awoken at 2am this morning, yes 2AM! By my husbands snoring I've been out, done a bit of shopping at the one remaining 24hr tesco around here, had a WW McDonald's , bought some early plugs into an attempt to go back to sleep and no joy... Still I've got work tonight so need to sleep today anyhow. I wonder what courtesy car I get this time...
  17. He under threat from the 999 call handler gave his business card and scratched down the vaguest of insurance details
  18. Police refused to come out and only advised over the (Bluetooth) phone, despite me being a lone female in distress with a disabled daughter facing a physically and mentally aggressive male
  19. Friday is was doing school run as normal headed outside the school gates, traffic super heavy as normal so when a chance to move arises you've got to take it. I saw a chance to pull out most of the way, thing is WVM didn't take too kindly and steered INTO ME taking the paint off my brand new ST! He then drove off, so I had to chase him! When I caught up with him over a mile down the road I had to call 999 as he outright refused to give his insurance details. Now this has had a chance to settle down my mental health issues are suffering again, I need help with what to do next. Hes trying to say it was my fault
  20. Do you drink coke (including diet), Irn bru or dr pepper? Or eat chocolate (excluding white chocolate)?
  21. Lorrys overtaking each other in can understand , same as lorrys in general really. I've never understood this... But why after overtaking do some drivers flash you? It's not like I'm overtaking too close as I tend to wait until I can see the car in my rear view before moving back. I had one this morning, a red mk6 fiesta , he was doing 30-40 in a 60 so I flew past him in the (at that stage) overtaking lane. He then flashed me
  22. Not if they're on the winding back roads
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