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  1. Rust!

    The problem is when people think of galvanizing they think of hot dip galvanising. Now that is very good at stopping rust, 30 to 40 years, and it bleeds over to protect cut surfaces, see these galvanizing experiments. But, as in the linked to test of pre galv v hot dipped pre galv (the sort car manufacturers would use) is some way behind that. Pre galv brackets can start rusting in 5 years or less in some cases, particularly at the stamped out edge. Hot dip galv can`t really be used for body panels, certainly body panels you can see, because I`d have thought the finish (for painting) wouldn`t be that good. Typical thicknesses of zinc based anti corrosion coatings : Zinc plating = 10 microns (that`s why zinc plated fasteners rust surprisingly quickly). Pre Galv = 20 microns (can range between 7 and 40) Hot dip galv = 55 microns plus
  2. Snow, ice and snow socks

    As expected the supplier "Top Gear car products" has sent me a new pair of Tyre Snow Socks, that`s excellent service, and well warrant a link for their £29.95 snow socks. I`m feeling particularly positive toward them so will put the fact that one of the socks ripped on the suspension down to bad luck (plus don`t "waggle" the steering wheel whilst using snow socks...) and repeat that they did actually get me up a fairly steep snow covered hill which my car would NOT go up without them.
  3. Snow, ice and snow socks

    You`re right about somewhere to store them, particularly if there`s 4 of them. What`s the advice about that ? As far as the law goes I thought it was just that you couldn`t mix radials and crossplies ? Can you even still buy crossplies ! We may end up getting a 4WD, as in a "normal" car but with 4WD. But I read somewhere that a 2WD car with snow tyres is better than a 4WD with summer tyres ! ? ! What about a 4WD with all season tyres ? What are all season tyres like ? I assume there must be disadvantages otherwise surely everyone would fit them ?
  4. Snow, ice and snow socks

    On the off chance I phoned the supplier of the snow socks, told him what happened and asked him if there was anything they could do for me. He said yes, they`d send me a replacement pair ! Assuming they come, and I have no reason to doubt it, that`s excellent service. Part of the reason my be I bought them through E Bay, and he may want to keep his 100% positive feedback ! An advantage is I`ll then have a spare snow sock for if the problem ever happens again. I`ll put a link on to him when they turn up.
  5. Snow, ice and snow socks

    I would agree that getting up a bit of momentum is a BIG help in going up a snowy / icy hill. There are, however, two problems with that : The first is that going fast in ice or snow is a big risk, for obvious reasons ! This is particularly the case if other cars are parked by the side of the road, you only have to slide sideways a relatively short distance and there`s contact, then an insurance claim, or worse. The second is you need room to be able to get speed up. The hill which we need to get up has a junction at the bottom, it`s actually a left turn for us, and, to make matters even worse, there are invariably cars parked on the opposite side, which means the corners is tighter and the consequences of slipping are more serious, you won`t just hit a kerb, you'll hit a car.... Thus one is starting from a relatively low speed, it simply isn`t possible to get much speed up. People tell me winter tyres also work better on ice or compacted snow, is that right ? And if so how do they work ? Are they more noisy on normal roads ?
  6. Snow, ice and snow socks

    I`ve just been out having a play.... The road, a fairly steep hill TBH, has some snow on it, an inch ? It wasn`t that cold, only about zero. The Focus would not go up it. I`ve heard all these theories that you should just creep up not slipping the tyres, but, actually, I`ve found the most successful technique seems to be, if the car starts skidding, to waggle the steering wheel. But whatever technique I used it wouldn`t go up. I then put the snow socks on ("Fix and Go") and it went up with only a little bit of slipping. However, I then backed down again to try a hill start. It started going up but with difficulty, eventually it wouldn`t move at all. When I got out the passenger side sock had come off on the inside and ripped itself against the suspension. I had to cut it off.... The socks were the right size, they were TIGHT and took some getting on, particularly with cold hands..... I was NOT putting loads of revs on either, though when the car started slipping I put a few on to try and clear the snow, which seemed to be working till the sock caught itself on the suspension.... It may be good advice NOT to waggle the steering with snow socks on your tyres, I admit when the car started slipping instinct made me try that, and it did work, but not for long. Basically I`m not sure I`ll bother with any more snow socks. They do work, to an extent, but I`m concerned, to put it mildly that two are now U/S in only two days, and they take a bit of getting on, and, by definition, when it`s COLD and wet ! The first, on the wife`s Yaris are the same type, but branded "Fit & Go".
  7. Snow, ice and snow socks

    I bought two pairs of snow socks (one for my Focus and one for my wife`s Yaris) on the recommendation of loads of forums etc. I must admit I`ve never had to use them but yesterday my wife`s car got stuck on the ice covered lane we need to use to access the gritted road. She`d got up about 80% of it but then it was so bad the car ended up perpendicular across the road. I confidently fitted the tyre socks but, I have to say, they didn`t get the car going. I know there`s a clue in the name (SNOW socks) but surely once snow has been compressed by cars it`s more or less ice anyway ? I must confess that frustration caused me to get a bit careless and gave the car too much stick, the socks got ripped and are now U/S after one use ! I can`t understand how that happened actually, the ice meant the tyres didn`t have any traction. Has anyone else had experience of snow socks, in both ice and snow ? Has anyone got any hints as to how to get up the fairly steep ungritted road we need to traverse to get onto the gritted bus route ? Particularly when it`s icy ? I know snow chains would probably work but they`re a load of hassle aren`t they ? Or is there a quick fit set that work and are a reasonable price ?
  8. Rust!

    How did you get on with this in the end Brian ? I`ve got a 2006 Focus which I bought in 2013 and it had a bit of rust on the underside. I haven`t looked closely for a while to see how much worse it`s got though ! I thought the Focus was supposed to be galvanised ? That said there`s galvanising and galvanising, pre galv (av thickness 20microns, but can range between 7 and 40) isn`t a patch on hot dipped (55 microns)..... Does anyone know how thick the galvanising on a Focus is ? My loyalty to Ford is waning too. I`ve had Fords for 25 years but my wife`s Toyota Yaris (2008) has been more reliable than my Focus and has hasn`t got any rust on it.
  9. Rear Number plate -How do i get it off?

    Why do people steal number plates ? What do they do with them ? Surely using them, in these days of ANPR cameras is asking for trouble ?
  10. Focus 1.6 - 126mph Video - OMG

    It`s just as stupid on the Autobahn, just not illegal under certain circumstances. The latter is significant. People say oh you can drive as fast as you like on German motorways, but that`s not true if the Police consider it dangerous, which, I assume, means if there`s any other traffic on there. I always assumed that was the case but whilst on holiday some Germans we met there confirmed it. If a driver was doing 15omph and passing other traffic at a closing speed of 70mph plus, he`d get done, not for speeding, but for dangerous driving, and rightly so.
  11. Rear Number plate -How do i get it off?

    Bleedin` hell Phil, you don`t keep your cars long do you ! This made me think about the cars I`ve owned (since I had to run my own car) : Ford Escort 1.4L Mk4 estate : 1994 to 2000 Ford Escort Escort 1.8TD LX estate : 2000 to 2013 Ford Focus 1.6 Ghia estate : 2013 on And the only reason I sold the Escort I bought in 2000 (it was actually a 1997 model) was the dreaded rust.....
  12. Rear Number plate -How do i get it off?

    I had to do this, but only for one side. I`ve got a screw in the other end of the plate. It was few years ago now so I can`t remember exactly but I might have levered the old plate out to hold the screw steady then unscrewed it. As another poster said, what should have been a really quick job took ages in the end, I found it really frustrating that Ford had used such a flimsy method of attaching the plate screw. Interestingly the first rear plate I had put on the black numbers / letters started fading within a year. The guy swapped the plate, but the second one is also fading, albeit a bit more slowly. The front (white) plate is fine though. Has anyone else had this problem ?
  13. Decent Wiper Blades

    I got a 26" wiper blade from Wilko for £4. It fits and seems to work pretty well. I`ll get back on here when it finally fails to tell you how long it`s lasted ! I can`t see it being that much less, if at all, than the ones I`ve been buying on e Bay. Note that I had to order it in to my local store, some larger stores may stock them though : http://www.wilko.com/car-care-products/wilko-flexible-frameless-wiper-blade-26in/invt/0427245 I couldn`t find a 17" blade on their site and couldn`t bring myself to pay £13 for one blade at Halfords and even then it`s their own brand, not a Bosch. Interestingly Halfords recommend a 16" blade (FW02) for the passenger side (when bought separately). To be frank I can`t see a blade 1" shorter making much difference anyway, so I`ve ordered a 16" from Wilko for £4, together with another 26" one because I like to keep a spare driver windscreen wiper blade in the car. The Wilko one comes on reasonably sturdy plastic packaging so will be perfect for that. You really don`t want the driver blade to fail whilst you`re on a long journey, it`s raining and you haven't got a spare..... http://www.wilko.com/car-care-products/wilko-flexible-frameless-wiper-blade-16in/invt/0427237
  14. Decent Wiper Blades

    The same type have just ripped again, after about one year, probably only about 5 or 6,000m. I know I`ve said this before on this thread, but it bears repetition, I never had this problem with the older conventional type blades, even cheap ones from Wilko. Does anyone know where I can get blades which last longer than one year / 6000m but don`t cost a ridiculous amount of money. I think £20 for a pair of wiper blades is EXPENSIVE, I`d have though you could expect a reasonable pair for £10 surely ! Wilko wiper blades are between £2 and £4 each ! !
  15. Focus drinks petrol

    I have an O6 plate 1.6 Focus. I`m always very careful to drive efficiently, I use the brake as little as possible and cruise at 65 on the motorway (though that`s also for other reasons, it`s that bit quieter and safer). On a run I get up to low 40s. On mixed driving but mainly round town it drops to just under 30. I find the avg mpg readout is about 5% high on average, I religiously check the brim to brim mpg !