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  1. Darkened windows is another mystery. AFAIK you can legally darken the rear windows on a car (though it's a PITA for following traffic because they cannot see through your car at what is going on further up the road) but I thought the windscreen and front windows had to be pretty much see through ? I was just about to cross the road and a car was stopped at the light when it was on green for him, I tried to establish eye contact with the driver to check he was actually waiting for me to cross but could not see anything as the side window were so darkened. My question is do the window tinting companies warn their customers that there vehicle is now illegal ?
  2. You remind me of my son. He says he doe not want to do something or other, but adamantly refuses to give any reason whatsoever !
  3. How can you not agree that people being inconvenienced for roadworks where nothing is happening is unacceptable ? Just out of interest, in your view, how long would roads being closed (when no work is being done) be acceptable, bearing in mind the diversion is about a 4 mile round trip ? : 1 - 1 day 2 - 3 days 3 - 1 week 4 - 2 weeks 5 - 3 weeks 6 - 1 year ?
  4. The wasted time of motorists (and their passengers don't forget) is of minimal concern for the powers that be. When there is an accident on any motorway, once any injured are removed (or just stabilised) reopening it should be top priority. But it is not. I can remember getting in a huge M1 tail back just north of Tinsley viaduct. When we got to the front it was down to one lane, of four don't forget, so that explained it. BUT ! There was no need for only one lane top be open. A caravan had been smashed up by a truck and its wreckage sprawled over road, I don't see how anyone could even have been injured, but if they had they'd long ago been taken to hospital. The second lane out had a small piece of ex caravan poking into its right hand side by a small amount, in fact it was so small one bloke could have moved it over (only about two feet ! ) and the capacity of the road doubled. But whether it was excessive Health & Safety zeal or because nobody could be arsed it was inexcusable. If 3000 vehicles with an average occupancy of 1.5 were delayed by one hour that's 4,500 hours in total, and at the national minimum wage that's £45,000, every hour...
  5. I don't think you understand what I am saying, NOBODY WAS WORKING ON THE ROAD...... In fact I know for a fact nothing was done on that site for a week, and I have never seen any workmen on it so even when they are working in it they must finish before 4.00PM, whilst 150 households are having to drive round on a 4 mile round trip diversion on single track roads.......
  6. That was why I was so shocked to discover that, apparently, most councils do not charge for a road closure permit if it's "just" traffic lights.... On the subject of temporary traffic lights, they really are a plague. Quite often they have them for road works which take up no more room than a (legally) parked car or two. Why ? It's overkill madness.
  7. Is there a general motoring forum on here ? If so where, I will shut this and reopen it on that, or the mods could move it ?
  8. Are you saying you do not mind being delayed, sometimes severely, for roadworks which are not even occurring because the contractors have no particular motivation for getting the job done ASAP ? I cannot think that is the case so you must have misunderstood my point.
  9. We all get annoyed stuck in traffic due to roadworks, but what is especially annoying is when they aren't even doing any work on the site (as is usually the case....). After being regularly stuck in big traffic jams at a site where I never saw any work being done (when I drove past at fourish) I phoned the Council to ask what are the costs and conditions of road closure permits. I was shocked by the reply. Apparently road closure permit is not that more expensive according to how long the road will be closed ! I could not believe it, surely it should be the opposite ? The permit should be by the day, or even better buy the hour, and very expensive at that. Maybe that would motivate the contractors to get the job done as soon as possible and lessen the disruption to thousands of people.... Quote from the council : The charge for a Street works permit differs slightly depending on duration and type of road but speaking generally its around £300 per application. The price difference between a long duration and short duration isn’t significant................. however the majority of works in the areas you have referred to have been done under temporary traffic signals for which we do not charge this in line with most other local authorities. Ah, that explains the ghost sites....
  10. I can only say I had an accident (car park rub would be more accurate but it still cost my insurance company £1600....) but my next premium went down by 11% !
  11. Well, well, well.... It's easier said than done but in so many cases one really should only cross bridges when one gets to them. Surprisingly my car insurance premium has dropped by 11% despite the above mentioned (over priced) accident ! It seems my cynicism was unjustified......
  12. That had occurred to me. It makes one wonder whether protected NCB is a bit of a scam....
  13. Every car I have had up to now has been a Ford. An F plate 1.8D L Escort estate as a company car (and a Westfield kit car with mainly Ford mechanicals ! ), then a D plate (older than my previous company car !) Escort 1.4L estate, then an R plate Escort 1.8TD LX estate, and now a 2006 Focus 1.6 Ghia estate. Every one, apart from the company car, has been bought second hand. I kept the R plate Escort for 13 years and only sold it (when it was 16 years old) because the garage said it might fail its next MOT on rust ! But, unfortunately, I think I'm buying a Toyota Auris estate next. Why ? Well I have been comparing my wife's 08 plate Yaris with my 06 plate Focus, and in terms of reliability and rust there is no comparison, they are leagues apart. I don't even think spares and repairs are that much cheaper on the Focus, which was one of the reasons I always used to buy Fords.
  14. I can understand why someone might think well "what happened to my car isn't my fault so I want my car back to the same condition (possibly even a bit better condition.....) than it was before". But that is costing a hell of a lot of money, and that attitude is much of the reason why so many people just drive off after a car park nudge. The problem is that to get the job done 95% right, good enough that the vast majority of people would see no difference, would probably cost only 10% of what doing the job 100% right would cost. The bottom line is I would bet pounds to pennies there aren't many people who would spend £1600 of their own money on repairing a slight dint in their door to "professional standards", particularly when the car is probably only worth just over twice that much. At the end of the day I do have sympathy with the person whose car is hit (nudged...) but it's an accident, **** happens.....
  15. Thanks for that, I suppose that makes sense ! It does seem very galling that a minor car park nudge could end up costing me hundreds of pounds, possibly thousands over the next few years. If I'm brutally candid I'm not sure what I would have done had I known, bearing in mind it was me that pointed out to him that his car now had a little dint in it ! I had my child with me and I was conscious that I should be setting an honest example, though I cannot necessarily say I'd blame someone else for just driving off.... Maybe if anyone on here comes back to find a scratch or minor dent in their car and gets angry at the culprit just driving off they should think what it looks like from the other side !
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