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  1. Happy Birthday Tee-Dogg!

  2. Turbo Problem.. (Apparently)

    yeah cheers for all the advice guys, ill book an appointment at the diesel garage for a diagnostic test. if it comes up displaying the same thing (turbo problem) then ill try the cleaner stuff i got. if that dont work then looks like ill be spending big bucks lol
  3. Turbo Problem.. (Apparently)

    i wouldnt get no lights come on for doing that would i? like the engine management light? ill try the stuff i already ordered first cos its spose to be pretty affective according to the majority of people
  4. Turbo Problem.. (Apparently)

    i wouldnt know how to get directly into the turbo
  5. Turbo Problem.. (Apparently)

    the stuff i got does into your diesel tank and finds it way to the turbo like that. Easiest process for me to do lol. If it works it works. if it dont well then it was worth a try
  6. Turbo Problem.. (Apparently)

    i meant my question by the way lol
  7. Turbo Problem.. (Apparently)

    dunno whether thats abit of a stupid question or not lol
  8. Turbo Problem.. (Apparently)

    yeah i probably will its just i got no time to do it atm. i work 8-5 unless i can get it booked for next saturday i guess. What would u advise? trying to clean it out first? or get it diagnosed again first?
  9. Turbo Problem.. (Apparently)

    yeah thanks guys. the turbo does work. occasionally it has cut off when really putting my foot down and limp mode has activated. so basically it works when i start the engine up if it is warm. if its cold then (starting it up first thing in morning) car will just run in limp mode. turbo also sounds like it vibrates abit when it does work, but it aint too bad.
  10. Turbo Problem.. (Apparently)

    ive ordered some stuff called forte turbo and diesel cleaner. gonna give it a shot. its worth a try i guess
  11. hey guys. i recently created a post about having problems with my egr valve. took it to a garage and they said it needed to be replaced, so i had it replaced. Everything was fine until one day i took it up the duel carriageway, and suddenly the glowplug light flashed on and the car lost abit of power, and the turbo de-activated. Since then everytime i start it up in the morning this happens, blinking glowplug light and lack of power (possibly limp mode). I took it to the garage yesterday. i handed over an egr blanking plate and said to them if u think its worth fitting this then go for it. I came back at 4.30pm after work to pick it up, they said the ran a diagnostic test and said the turbo is coming up (which is weird as the test they did a week ago only showed egr valve), and will cost about £750 to replace :(. So now im wondering if i should take it to a diesel garage and have to checked to get a second opinion, or could all this be resolved if i installed the egr plate? (probably not lol). The other weird thing is if i drive the car for a bit, then turn it off and turn it back on, the light goes and the car is fine, its mainly does it first thing in the morning and it stays on for the whole journey. Anyone have any ideas as im pulling my hair out at the moment.. thanks Scott
  12. Blanking Off Egr Valve?

    Haha well it's booked in for Friday so I'll let you know the outcome by Friday evening or sometime over the weekend :)
  13. Blanking Off Egr Valve?

    Haha yeah thanks guys well like I say the its booked into the garage Friday and I'll hand them the plate and hopefully they will install it. It won't cost nothing as they fitted a new egr (which probably never needed doing) and it's still activating the light, so its their problem now
  14. Blanking Off Egr Valve?

    Another thing I wanted to ask is if u block the valve off, does that metal pipe ever get clogged up? Because the carbon will be hitting the blanking plate and surely could cause build up within the pipe?
  15. Blanking Off Egr Valve?

    My guess is carbon build up, causing it to get stuck or is triggering something off. That's all I can think it could be, so hopefully the garage will realise this and put the plate in that I'm going to give to them. If they don't then I'll have to put it in myself I guess