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  1. Hi I seem to be here more and more regularly lately!! i have a N Reg 1996 Mondeo (petrol). recently I have noticed a dark 'shadow' through the middle of my headlights - this shadow runs from top to bottom and is dead centre of the actual headlight itself. I have tried cleaning the glass and changing the bulbs but still this shadow persists. Not sure what else to look for - any ideas/help would be much apprecited. many thanks Tracy
  2. Im not really sure how to describe this problem - but here goes. I have an N reg 1996 Mondeo 2L - When Im driving I notice that the car will sometimes feels like its going to stall - its just chuggs and it feels like its losing power - but literally only for a few seconds - Please bare in mind this happens when the car is in motion - and it could be any speed! There are no changes on the dash - the revs dont drop, the speed doesnt drop etc. I've tried the simple things - thinking maybe clogged air filter - had that changed and its still doing it. Had my plugs changed and its still doing it. Again, this happens intermittently, could happen 4 or 5 times a day then not happen for a few days. I'm wondering whether there is something wrong with the air intake or fuel pump etc! Any idea's - I dont know what else to check?
  3. On closer inspection of the gaitor - it appears that the metal clip on the end is missing - the gaistor is simple held in position with a plastic wheel-tie used to keep wheel trims on! Im wondering whether the garage had put this in place when they replaced the high pressure hose for the power steering in January of this year - as it has only really been leaking since that initial repair!
  4. Hi Guys - Im new to this forum - this is my first post ! The problem i have is this: I have a N reg 1996 Mondeo - in January of this year the high pressure hose for the power steering ruptured and needed replacing. since then, i have noticed a small leak on coming from the front left wheel. recently that leak has become worse. Over the last week i have noticed that when i turn my wheel there is a 'screeching' noise coming from the steering - my power steering fluid thingy was completely empty- so i topped it up. in the last 7 days i have had to put over 1ltr of power steering fluid into the car - the fluid appears to be leaking quite badly - looking under the car it looks like it is coming from the track rods (please see pic attached)! any suggestions on what this could be? is it expensive to repair? Thanks guys. tracy