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  1. Ford S-Max 2.5T Misfire

    Yup. Driving perfectly now. Thanks
  2. Ford S-Max 2.5T Misfire

    Exactly. I read other people have had problems with the MAF sensor as well. Hopefully it will be sorted with a new BCS valve.
  3. Ford S-Max 2.5T Misfire

    Thanks.I took it to Ford today and they have relieved me of £180 and diagnosed the boost solenoid as the problem. Going to get an independent volvo specialist to replace it tomorrow for £95 - Ford quoted £155.
  4. Ford S-Max 2.5T Misfire

    I've tried thrashing it for a short while but made no difference. It revs ok after about 2700 rpm-. I've just got the car and I think it was used for a lot of short journeys previously.
  5. Ford S-Max 2.5T Misfire

    No not yet. Apparently the filter on this engine doesn't need to be changed.
  6. Ford S-Max 2.5T Misfire

    Hi, I have a 07 57k 2.5t S-max that misfires in 3rd and 4th gear between 2000-2500rpm. 1st and 2nd gear are ok, but it judders badly if you put your foot down in 3rd or 4th. If you are very gentle its not noticeable. I have had the car serviced and spark plugs changed to see if it cured it. The ECU has also been reset. It is not reading any error codes. The car is standard but I was wondering if anyone else has come across this in a petrol S-max. Any help or advice would be great.