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  1. Ford Sync Bt Audio Shenanigans

    Yeah I'll take it to my local dealer and they can sort it out :) Don't dare try and do anything myself, especially not when they'll do it for free!
  2. Ford Sync Bt Audio Shenanigans

    It got worse! Drove my car today for the first time since christmas and now the bluetooth won't work *at all* - In the SYNC menu its unticked, when I tick it it'll say it's on, then next time I look at the menu it's unticked again like it turned right off.. and naturally won't connect to anything now! To Ford I go!
  3. Ford Sync Bt Audio Shenanigans

    Okay cool, I'll try that thanks! It was all going so well... I'm sure Ford will sort it though (hopefully). I'm not too popular at my local dealer, I never buy from them but I only to go get then to do warranty stuff for free (and the occasional service) :P Ah well
  4. Ford Sync Bt Audio Shenanigans

    So try a master reset on the head unit and if that fails then take it to Ford? (or just unplug the battery for a hard reset to cut out the middle man)
  5. Ford Sync Bt Audio Shenanigans

    Hey Guys! I'm having a weird issue with my Ford Sync... my phone connects fine over Bluetooth for signal/SMS/etc. but whenever I try and play BT audio it immediately disconnects (but the other parts stay connected, like the signal display). I can go onto BT audio with music paused and it'll say "Connect a device", but then the moment I press play it'll flash up for a second with the track/album name and then "Disconnect" so no audio comes through. It was working fine for ages just started doing this recently! Any suggestions?
  6. The St Arrived!

    Yeah I haven't seen many black ones online really either so I thought I'd go a bit different and go for it! :D I don't think it's ever gonna get old :P I loved my ZS but it's just something else!
  7. The St Arrived!

    I'm already having so much fun! It's so easy and willing to be driven and makes such a good noise with your foot down even at modest speeds. Just so good! I'll change the internal lights to LEDs, probably do MP215 at some point... That's about it for now I think! Oh, and I'm getting a better alarm fitted because people seem to looove stealing the STs. Only got one picture so far... It keeps raining!
  8. The St Arrived!

    Yeah, so much torque... Proper pushes you back into the seat it's great!
  9. The St Arrived!

    It's SO GOOOD! Pictures tomorrow in daylight :) Coming from the 1.0 it's like night and day... The noise is far too addictive though, I see a high petrol bill in my future. Still getting used to the gearbox, but was definitely a good decision!
  10. St Delivery... Race Against Time!

    Yeah, it'll be good! I only got the current one last year, but that one got delivered so being able to physically drive it off the lot should be great! Looking forward to the power :) 125 is good, but 180 is better :D
  11. St Delivery... Race Against Time!

    It'll be somebody on tempcover.com probably, they have decent quotes. Nope, they haven't offered anything to compensate... Thing is the salesman who I was dealing with is on holiday this week, so I'm in the care of the finance manager instead and he's nowhere near as helpful. Steve (the salesman) is great and friendly and cheerful, whereas this guy isn't exactly cheerful or particularly friendly haha, just seems to do the bare minimum to look after me while Steve is away. I think I'm just gonna have to live with it, as annoying as it is. My current insurer no longer exist for new quotes as they're being reabsorbed by their parent company, so won't get any help there!
  12. St Delivery... Race Against Time!

    I didn't cancel it, it just naturally expires on Sunday as it happens to have been a year :( It was all arranged to line up neatly
  13. St Delivery... Race Against Time!

    So the car is arriving tomorrow, but they can't possibly get it ready for Saturday apparently (they need at least 3 working days), so they recommended I get temporary cover until early next week... Means I gotta spend another £60-70 on insurance for 2 days just so I can go to the P/X... I know it's down to Ford's delivery schedule but still, not impressed!
  14. Is Anyone A Fan Of The Boomba Wing Risers?

    This comment literally made my day... haha! :D
  15. St Delivery... Race Against Time!

    Yeh I'm hoping so, they have Ford Insure (as you get drive-away cover) so it'll be doable if it comes to that I hope.