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  1. Oxygen / Lambda Sensor

    Thanks chaps, that's really great to get this info so quickly. As it happens, I've gotten an OBD2 scanner and can tell you the code: P0420 On an aside, I've got the option of a few ford focus models when I connect the scanner; none of them is the petrol 1.8 zetec. Anyone with advice on the most suitable option to choose instead? Focus 1.6iFocus VCT 1.6iFocus CMAX VCT 1.6iFocus CMAX 1.6iFocus Ghia 1.6iAnyway, the 0420 code seems to mean that my CAT efficiency has decreased. I'm therefore not convinced that changing the O2 sensor would help. Options for me seem to be to either clean the CAT or to replace it. I think I'll go for the cleaning option first, then the replacement if nothing helps. I understand that the CAT doesn't normally fail, and even though my car is now 12 years old it's only done 74k miles. I think that there may be an upstream problem. A week ago my car didn't start first time after I'd made a short trip and left the car for a few mins... It started fine on second attempt. This happened a couple of times in the same day. I thought perhaps the sparkplugs had fouled or the fuel pump had a problem. The problem with the CAT makes me think that it's occurred secondary to the sparkplugs. Any ideas? My plan is to take it to the garage on Monday to get a checkup; then I'll have a better idea of the location of the problem. If there's anyone that'd spotted the heart of the issue from what I've said, I'd be grateful of your advice. Cheers, Dr
  2. Oxygen / Lambda Sensor

    Hi All, My engine management light came on and gives an error code for the lambda sensor. I've never replaced one before, though it looks pretty straightforward online - the one question I have is what type to replace it with. Ebay lists lambda sensors for a Mk1 ford focus starting at £15. The guides I've seen tell me that you must replace the sensor with the same type that you removed; else the onboard computer will hate you and cause trouble. Looking at a ford parts website the sensors sell for well over £100. Anyone with any advice on which type of sensor to replace my current one with? On that note - anyone with advice on how to tell what make my current sensor is? Cheers, Dr
  3. Create New Wiring Circuits

    Stoney, Yes, fuse taps - they're what I was referring to. My feeling was that they were adding load to an existing circuit; nice to know that they don't. That's what I'll go for. Many thanks, Dr
  4. Hi everyone, I'd like to add a few accessories to my motor, such as a tracking device, perhaps a dashcam, etc. I'd like them hard-wired into the fuse box as it'll be more neat, convenient, also allow the cigarette lighter to be used for other purposes, etc. I've seen that people use devices that replace one of the fuses with a pair of slots, and therefore allow a second circuit to be run. This doesn't look ideal to me. I was wondering about the vacant fuse positions in the box. Can they be wired up to the battery easily to allow a new circuit to be added, identically to the ones already present? They appear to be vacant because certain vehicle upgrades, such as a trip computer, are not present in my vehicle snd this seems the logical choice to create new harnesses / circuits for my devices. Thanks all, DrRamore