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  1. I wonder if anyone has had any issues with a lot of vibration whilst driving/braking. Focus 1.6 petrol 56 plate. Passenger side tyre worn unevenly. At first I thought it could be tracking but my suspicions lead to suspension. Would a warped disc cause uneven wear? Drivers side tyre lots of life left where as the passenger I had to change. (Wife had to change whilst I was at work) I did explain to her to let them know but nothing was really done about it. The shocks and drop links are ok. So the only other thing I think it could be is one of the bushes. I don't intend to keep the car much longer (coolant leak as well it seems) I just wondered if anyone had a similar experience and would be able to share their knowledge. Thanks!
  2. Can be pricey but well worth it imo. More sense of achievement I think. I'm going to spray things as I go along. Technically not a whole car at once. Will have to sort out the dents the missus caused first.
  3. What did you buy? I have been interested in doing it. The car is worth like £500 so if mine looks shabby oh well. I can always re-spray it and try to get better.
  4. Here's a slightly better picture
  5. I'm in no rush for finding parts, I might have a go at re-spraying myself, nardo grey
  6. I will do, the brake light in the drivers side isn't working! I didn't look at the bulb holder. What bulb is it? I need to go halfords
  7. Here's my thread about my 2006/7 mk2 ford focus. I have fitted the spring struts for popping the boot open. Although I don't like all the gaps now so I might take them off. I have bought some RS tail lights which I need to fit. I hope the wires are the same colours then I can just splice into each one easily. My other bits I want to do. - facelift it - dual exit exhaust - re-spray - new wheels, spacers and lowered. - rear electric windows and powerfold mirrors. I did fit a facelift cluster but it's gone faulty and keeps bringing up engine malfunction. So the original has gone back in.
  8. Hello All, I've successfully managed to change my instrument cluster from the pre-face to a facelift one. The issue I am having is changing the mileage upwards to match my current miles. I've tried using ELMconfig but it flags up an error. When using forscan I also get an error. If anyone could help I would very much appreciate it. Thanks, Lewis
  9. Hi guys and girls. Sorry this is gonna be a long post. I understand if you don't wanna read it all! Technically not a new member I previously had a 2.0 ford focus titanium (diesel) Lots of problems with it having spent £1300 trying to rectify it and still nothing I gave it back. I've now inherited a 56 plate ford focus. Which has a few quirks. Passenger electric window will not go up or down via the passenger side switch. It will only go up if I open the DRIVERS door fully and then it will allow me to close it. It has a few dings in it from the lovely wife. Which I'm looking at getting repaired. I'm looking at maybe facelifting it, android head unit with reverse camera, either dual or quad tail pipes, xenon headlight upgrade, new alloys, tinted windows and most importantly club stickers. I'm probably gonna get a full respray as the paint is disgusting and full of scratches. If someone could advise me on what I would need for facelifting the car. Also fitting the headlights will be much appreciated. Will post some pictures of it when I get home from work. TIA Lewis
  10. Update at the garage. They said the immobiliser is cutting the fuel pump and when you try and turn the key the red light continuously flashes and won't start. They are going to leave the battery off for a couple of days and see if it resets itself otherwise a trip to the ford dealer
  11. Well the recovery guy said that the fuel pump isn't working. I read the codes from the dash board e197 and e200 speed sensor and odometer
  12. So I went to the garage and they hooked it up they found a fault in the exhaust gas temp sensor (intermittent). I told them to replace it. Had a service and the back brakes changed. All is well for one day. Now today driving home from work it does the same thing this time, when I restart the engine it idles for about a second the the needles goes to below 500 and then cuts out.
  13. It was been supposed to have changed when I bought the car last year. I will have to look at it. I will look for hose damage and no it's not blanked. Thanks for your help :-)
  14. Diesel, it's weird it would happen like once maybe twice then not again for 3 months or so.