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  1. Focus Passenger Door

    What would be my best option then? Should i just take it to an auto electrician?
  2. Focus Passenger Door

    Focus zetec climate 1.8 2007. The mirror control is on the drivers side theres no manual control on the passenger side.
  3. Focus Passenger Door

    If its off a lower spec can it be wired up? Its just annoying having to move the mirrors by hand and having to open passenger do from the inside.
  4. Focus Passenger Door

    Thanks. How would i find out?
  5. Focus Passenger Door

    I bought a ford focus that was in a crash before i got it. The passenger door was replaced and the electric isnt working on it. The window is working but the remote key doesnt unlock it and the power mirror wont work so can only adjust it by hand. Also the mirror on the driver side doesnt work. Any ideas what the problem might be bearing in mind im not very mechanical and cant really afford to take it to an auto electrician. Thanks in advance.
  6. I have the same problem with my 07 focus. When the bonnet is down it is a nightmare to open again but once its open the mechanism works fine. Can it be fixed? Everytime i need to get into me bonnet it takes ages to get it open and is very frustrating.
  7. Will A Cmax Bonnet Fit A Focus Zetec?

    Ive drove round every scrappie i know today and cant find one the right colour. Dont want to pay for one to be resprayed as im skint at the minute. Is there any where you know of online maybe that i can order a bonnet from cheap and all ready sprayed?
  8. Will a bonnet of a cmax fit on my ford focus zetec? Need a new bonnet as mine is all rusted so a respray is not an option. The only one i can find is of a cmax. Dont want to pay £280 for a brand new bonnet. Thanks.
  9. New Member

    Thanks :-D
  10. Hi. My check engine light came on 2 days ago. The car is driving ok and doesnt seem to have any problems. I did a diagnostic check by holding the set/reset button and turning ignition on. It came up DTC #01 E510. I cant find anything about this code online. Could anybody help me with this. I am going on a long journey in a week so need it sorting by then. Thanks in advance.
  11. New Member

    Hi everyone. I own a ford focus zetec climate 1.8.